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(01-14-2020, 09:32 PM)SC87 Wrote: Anyone buy BSV? As I type this it's up 89%, crazy.

It is up nearly 200% in less than a week.

If you buy it, you are supporting a scam.. good luck.
Call it ISIS coin and I'll buy it if I could make 200% in week.
(01-14-2020, 10:02 PM)SC87 Wrote: Call it ISIS coin and I'll buy it if I could make 200% in week.

Hey did I assert anything ideological yet?  Sure, I asserted that it is a scam, but I did not mean to suggest that I have ideological concerns, but likely I have more problems about the ability to get in and get out of an investment like that.  

Yeah, maybe I am a bit bothered by the scamminess of it, but on a personal level I would be more bothered by the ability to get in and getting out and holding onto something like that if I had to hold it for an extended period of time.

I tend to be a long term investor, but I understand the concept of short term investing and turning over a profit.

In that regard, I am NOT opposed to guys betting on various crypto or even that they might want to make money or have an insight into making money?  Does that insight come after the coin already pumped 200%?  Not sure about that.  The odds seem worse if it is a scam and it pumps 200% in a week.  No?

Sure the coin could pump some more, and hindsight is 20/20, but what does that hindsight have to do with what any guy, including yourself, should do right now?   I am presuming that you did not previously own Bcash SV (BSV) otherwise you would have already had realized the extent that it is up a this moment and that it is largely in parity in price with its BCH (bcash ABC) rival.  Both of them around $330 as I type this post.
I'm not buying at these levels, but obviously I wish I did when BSV and BCH were both $80 something or was it even less after the fork?
(01-14-2020, 11:51 PM)SC87 Wrote: I'm not buying at these levels, but obviously I wish I did when BSV and BCH were both $80 something or was it even less after the fork?

I surely would not recommend buying either of those shitcoins, but for sure there is advantages in buying lower than the possible selling price, and surely it is NOT easy to know which way the price is going to go in the short or medium term.

I only invest into coins that I am prepared to hold for very long term and not going to be worrying about short term behaviors of people who are in charge of various aspects of the coin, and so in that regard, ONLY bitcoin fits my criteria.

Nonetheless, incidentally, I find out about these various other projects because they relate to bitcoin in one way or another.

Of course, bcash abc (BCH) has a longer history than bcash SV (BSV), so BCH was the original hardfork off of bitcoin in August 2017.  So even though it shared bitcoin's history, it became another project once it forked off, but part of its marketing ploy has continued to act as if it is the real BTC and that it has value because of the same history blah blah blah.. and the mere fact that BCH had this already failure and refusal to get along built into it, BSV ended up being a fork of BCH... so yeah, they are the two forks of bitcoin but BSV is a fork of a fork.  

Whatever is their price history, I can hardly give two shits about it, except for being in the space (I mean invested in bitcoin) it is almost inevitable that I have to monitor a bit about what is going on with those two coins including that they use the same mining algorithm as BTC, so sometimes miners who are already set up to mine bitcoin have an ability to easily go back and forth between coins because they are on the same hashing algorithm.  BSV had historically only been a fraction of the price of BCH and even only a fraction of the hashing power, but during this pumpening event, both its price and its hashing power has come up.  

Part of the reason that I mentioned BSV as a BIG ASS scam is because it not only has stupid ass scammy leaders, it also has recently planned to create a new version of itself in which it can give all of the coins that have not been used back into the system and presumably to the scammy leaders which since it has the same history of bitcoin would symbolically causing the fucktwat leaders to gain control over satoshis coins (the ones under their system, not the ones under bitcoin because they would have to be satoshi to gain control over satoshis coins under bitcoin).  Anyhow, they use their forkening of a forkening of a forkening to cause this perception of reassigning satoshi's coins back to themselves and then saying that they are satoshi.. It is so fucking dumb that NO one important is going to believe it, but whatever, they can spout out the nonsense talking points as if it were true, and even make those kinds of arguments to courts - which could cause the fucktwat, Craig Wright to get thrown in jail for his level of stupid (not sure what they are going to present to the court, but the court had extended the deadline to February 3, as was mentioned in that court document that was in the linked article that you had provided in your post from earlier today..might have been in the bitcoin thread).  

Also, BSV got delisted from several exchanges and partly because of the weirdness and uncertainties of the proposed software changes that would allow for transferring control of the symbolic satoshi coins.. and partly because of considerable delisting of that crap, the liquidity of BSV has dropped so damned low that causes it to be even easier to pump the price because there are hardly any exchanges in which it is traded.. so hardly anyone actually owns any of that crap in order to be able to sell it.  So, the whole shenanigans with either of those bcash forks is crazy, and the BSV one is even more crazy than crazy, and would be quite questionable if you were able to buy it if you would also be able to sell it.. where you going to do it?  Only a few places.. and good luck with that.
(01-23-2020, 02:44 PM)Lorris007 Wrote: I have a very bad experience with cryptocurrency. In 2017, I understood that it is already late to buy bitcoin, but I paid attention on Ripple. It grew up from 0.25 to 3.5 in few days, so I thought it has great potential and then I bought ripple on thousand dollars. Then price failed to 0.8 in few weeks. I still have them, but I didn't enter that wallet for many days, so i don't even remember the password. I will recover it with soon.

If you are thinking about short term pumps and dumps you might get lucky or unlucky with various shitcoins, whether ripple or some other coin.  

The only coin that really matters long term is bitcoin, so you can start various investment strategies into bitcoin such as $10 a week or some other amount that is reasonable to you... $1,000 a month or front loading, buying on dips, dollar cost averaging and other strategies to build and accumulate bitcoin in the long term, and of course, studying about it too, can be helpful.

When I got into bitcoin, in 2013, my initial investment timeframe was a minimum of 2 years, but I had already had nearly 30 years of investing.  These days, I think that it can be pretty safe and prudent to establish a much longer minimum time frame of even 4-6 years or 15 years... or more.  

It is also pretty likely that investing in bitcoin will bring you more favorable returns that I had over my about 30 years prior to bitcoin, which was about 5.5 years on average.  We can discuss these ideas some more in the bitcoin thread, too to the extent that you are interested.  

Of course, there are no guarantees with any investment, but prudent investments and prudent plans are likely to bring you much better results rather than playing around with shitcoins and not investing into bitcoin... which seems to be lacking quite a bit of prudence, in my thinking...   Sure, some guys are going to vary in their perspective and there might be some ways to be prudent with shitcoins too as long as you are engaging in some decent timing and maybe you have some luck on your side, too?  Perhaps?  Prudence on the other hand, is not relying so much upon too much luck.

Regarding your ripple?  I don't know too much about various ways to possibly attempt to recover your password including the link that you provided concerning your planned recovery method.

By the way, if you had bought into bitcoin in 2017 and dollar cost averaged for the past 3 years on a weekly basis, you would be up over 2x right now.

See this $10 per week over 3 years example:  

Likely there is going to be another similar upsurge in the future, so best suggestions would be not to get sucked into various shitcoins, whether ripple or some of the others, even if they proclaim that they have more pump potential than bitcoin, so even it might be true that they have more pump potential, they also likely have more dump potential and other vulnerabilities too, including that they are largely bullshit.. that is why they are frequently referred to as shitcoins... and sure there are going to be some people supporting and promoting those largely nonsensical projects, and that is why they sometimes might have periods of pumpenings.
(01-23-2020, 02:44 PM)Lorris007 Wrote: but I didn't enter that wallet for many days, so i don't even remember the password.

Write. Down. Passwords (in code/offline).

What's riskier or more likely to happen? Forgetting it and not having access or someone, somehow finding it out and having access?
Even government agencies can have a sense of humor, from time to time.

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