IGCasanova's Riga - Latvia Datasheet
About Riga:

Riga is a capital of Latvia and the biggest city in Baltic States. It is a nicely looking city with a well preserved Medieval Architecture. Definitely worth a short visit. 
55% of population in Riga speak Russian as a native language, not all of them are Russians though. The other 45% are native Latvian speakers. Also not really Latvian all of them, judging by German, Swedish, Polish, Jewish and Russian surnames.
The currency is euro. You can fly to Riga from anywhere in the world as Riga Airport is the biggest hub in Baltics.


Predominantly dirty blonde and tall. Recent studies show that Latvian women are actually tallest in the world.
So mix them with Dutch men and you will get a race of giants [Image: biggrin.gif]

In quality Latvian women are similar to Poland or Czech Republic. But you do get some variety thanks to the Soviet Union moving people around. You can at times stumble at some random mixes of FSU nationalities. 

Relationship oriented. If you see a girl HB 7 or higher it is almost certain that she has a boyfriend.


There is almost no nightlife in Riga Monday to Thursday with exception of some bars and restaurants in old Riga. There is also one Karaoke place that is open every day. Don't remember the name but it is opposite of Kalku Varti.

Also in Riga there is a salsa party every night of the week except Wednesday. I will talk about this later in another section.

From Friday to Sunday the nightlife is on. So depending on what kind of girls you like choose one of the following:

For Russian girls:
Big clubs outside of old Riga.
Friends club - not a bad place located under the Radison hotel, there is a separate Karaoke room and a dance floor room.
La Rocca club coupled with Studio 69 - typical EE style nightclubs, like the ones you will find in Ukraine or Russia. Big and noizy. Studio 69 is somewhat expensive, with a lot of semi-pro looking girls. It seems like people go there to show off and not to have fun.

For Latvian girls:
Any place in Old City center: Rock Cafeinica, Omas Brilliants and all the others. Just roam around and check yourself. Entrance is mostly free.
Outside of old city there is a place called Piens where Latvian Latvians congregate.

For Foreign girls:
Kalku Varti and Shot Kafe: A lot of western European students: German and Swedish mostly. Both girls and guys. Had a lot of fun there. Met a Mexican girl and few Germans as well as a black girl from Sweden. Something you won't expect in Latvia


Anywhere between central rail station and old city center will have a decent amount of girls. Not a single time I got a negative response. Girls look cold and unaproachable, but after you start talking they start shining. But the conversion rate was lowest ever. You get a great interraction, get a number just to have a girl stop replying to your messages after a while. 

Twilight/Gutter game:

Old city center is pretty suitable for that. Just walk around in late hours and you might stumble upon some chicks walking from place to place or eating after the party.

Online game:

Tinder is number one in Riga, but you still get some action on Badoo. My Instagram game yielded no result whatsoever in that city. 
Girls do tend to be very good at making photos or concealing their handicaps. I had 3 dates from tinder. And only 1 girl looked as I expected her to look like. Another was bulky and tall 1.8m and one was a SIF with a cute face and an elephant legs. Anyways there was no date 2 with any of these girls. Would not call it a waste of time as the interactions were pleasant. 

Observations and tendencies:

The country is expensive. Not actually expensive, but too expensive for Eastern Europe. Lets say a drink in Old Riga will be in 6-10 euros. In old city Lvov Ukraine you can buy a bottle of wine for 5 euros. 

Latvian girls do tend to be smart and good at striking meaningful conversations. They ask a lot of questions and seem genuinely interested.

At times you see groups of 10 guys predominantly from UK. This can not be a good sign.

Complex language situation. Speaking Russian to Russians improves result speaking Russian to Latvians makes things worse. Latvian Latvian girls are nationalists and hate Russians. They do seem to love Americans, but I am not sure if it can be converted to an act of physical love [Image: biggrin.gif]

IOIs are not given out freely. 

People seem sad or angry all the time. Same goes with daygame. You can think a girls dog has just died when you approach her and she suddenly starts smiling. Depression seems to be a national trait.

Internet speed is amazing. Sim cards are cheap.

Riga is a good place to learn Russian if you are not ready for a big leap to Russia or Ukraine. Russian is used widely and at least 95% of people speak Russian.

Girls are relationship oriented. Having a relationship is a necessity. With the Scandinavian prices and Eastern European wages people can't afford to live on their own. 
Here is the math. Average wage 400 euro. Average rent 250 euro. Utilities 100 euro. So you need the other person to afford food [Image: biggrin.gif]

Competition is pretty high. Latvian guys don't daygame, but approach during the night. Some of them are tall and take care of themselves. Going to gym is a normal thing.


So there is a salsa party in Riga nearly every night. Check this website http://www.salsaparty.lv for a schedule. 
Parties are small, but it is better than nothing on a weekday night. Most of them are also free.
Quality of girls at a salsa is lower than in other nightlife venues.


Taxis are affordable. Average 10-20 minutes ride will be 5 euros. However 1 bus ride is 2 euro unless you have bought a ticket in advance. Which is super expensive for EE. Compare this to 15 euro cents for metro in Kiev and 7 euro cents for a tram in Odessa [Image: biggrin.gif]

To get from the airport to city center use bus 22. Or a taxi - this should cost around 15 eur.

Get a Taxify app.

I would advice Riga for a short visit during spring or summer. It is a beautiful green city with rich history and impressive medieval architecture. 

But I would not advice to stay there for a long time. It is too expensive for EE and getting quality girls is a hard task.

P.S. This is the post I have originally posted on RVF. I have been banned for no real reason in 2017, so I think this forum deserves this information better than RVF. I am sure few things changed since then in Riga but I think this read might be interesting read and there is some good information for you guys in this post. 

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