Roosh forum - exiles & refugees (1 June 2019 - RVF becomes exclusively pro-bible)
Now that Roosh has done a total 180 and "found religion" and will be banning any talk of pre-martial sex after 1 June 2019 on his forum, and is even not permitting swear words or cussing I think this forum will get a lot of exiles who do not agree with his very radical changes and censorship.

Thought it would be a good idea to have a thread for all those who have left RVF and decide to try to migrate over here.
I'm one. I was on the Roosh forum for over 6 years, it was/is a fantastic resource. Hopefully Roosh decides not to implement the new radical censorship regime. But if not, its good to have another option here at least.

Its positive seeing a few names here I recognise  - yours, Suits, 262 etc. That bodes well. Having no politics forum might help keep the crazies out too.
Wutup pimps and players!! For now, it's still a wait and see a bit to evaluate what is gonna happen, but I'd say it's likely that the forum will indeed never be anything close to what it was anymore. I'm happy to know the founders of this website in person, so I know that we are in good hands here. Let's see what other well-repped members make the move to here.

Some remarks:
-It feels like shit to be on 0 rep again.
-Should we merge our own datasheets?
-It seems there is no meetup sub-forum
I know forum rules are no politics and stay on topic. Apologies in advance if I violate these rules unintentionally in this post because I sense I'm going to start rambling and ranting.

If you want my real opinion as to where Roosh went astray, it's the obsession with idiotic one-dimensional measuring himself by notch and flag counts, as idiotic and one-dimensional as all the other numbers people use to measure themselves: rep count, likes received, dick size, net worth, countries visited. (Speaking of which, please do not rep me or like my posts. I utterly despise those features of MyBB.) Folks, quality is what matters, not quantity. If Roosh had focused on the quality of the girls he had relationships with, rather than mindlessly trying to up his notch and flag counts, maybe he wouldn't feel so empty now.

Slow but steady physical exercise is extremely important to mental health for many men. By this I mean neither cardio nor weight bearing exercise, but rather things like hiking, gardening, chopping wood, manual labor of any sort. Sitting at a desk all day monitoring RVF and then hanging around bars at night trying to up his notch count, is ultimate going to cause a man's mind to be affected. I think this is part of what caused Roosh's recent hallucinations about talking to God. The mushroom trip might also have been a factor: drugs and alcohol are both a bad idea, as you younger guys will eventually discover.

My most recent banning from RVF was because I got exasperated by some closet case having a gay panic meltdown at the idea that a man who marries a non virgin is effectively rubbing penises against other men who've used the girl's vagina previously, and that he is effectively kissing other men's penises when he kisses the mouth of a girl who previously sucked some other guy. The fact that Roosh was indulging this nitwit in a serious forum conversation caused me to lose my temper. I suggested that the ideal wife for Roosh would be an escort with 1000+ notch count, but still young and pretty, who was sick of whoring and wanted to start a family. Now yes, I was trolling but there actually is some wisdom there. I'm assuming Roosh does indeed want a family and has indeed become a devout Christian. A man like him is just not fit for a virgin. A man should marry his equal. If you've been a man whore and have reformed, then you should marry a woman whore who has reformed.

His latest book, Lady, I haven't read, but the description is truly cringe worthy. As for the book prior to that, Game, I did read that and reviewed it on his site, trying to be nice and see the positive side, which is that it provides consolation to loser guys that being a winner guy isn't all that great after all, and if the choice is between doing all the shit Roosh does to get laid versus wanking to porn, well hey, wanking looks pretty damn appealing. Roosh's "game" reminds me of selling fruit cakes door to door as one of the requirements for my Boy Scout's salesmanship merit badge. (I'm a older guy, you understand, and teenage boys actually could knock on stranger's doors in the 1970's without causing the police to show up.) Pushing a product that no one wants. If I'm not mistaken, I believe Roosh even suggests that "foot in the door" trick, so that the girl (on his case) or prospective fruit cake buyer (in my case) can't slam the door until you've finished your sales spiel. Roosh isn't a bad looking guy and, as I understand it, his standards for women's beauty aren't unreasonable. If he hadn't been such a fanatic misogynistic with these double standards that said man-slut okay but woman-slut not okay, and hadn't been so obsessed with notch and flag counts, maybe it wouldn't have been so difficult to get laid.

I was actually relieved to be banned that last time because it's such a PITA hanging out on a forum where the slightest misstep leads to a permanent ban. 99% of the time I'm a calm guy. But occasionally, I lose it and out comes a stream of "fuckwit, fucktard, fuckhead" and similiar expressions reflecting my general intelligence and skills with the English language not. Does an occasional outburst really merit a permanent ban?

If Roosh and his followers think they can affect the course of world history, they are sadly mistaken. History has a mind of its own. The direction the world is going is clearly unsustainable (exploding populations in Africa, in particular) and so change will occur eventually, but those who think they are leading this change are in fact just people who spotted a parade already in progress and then ran to the front of the parade. If you personally want to be part of the parade, whether at the front or in the middle or at the rear, by all means do so. However, the parade is going to continue with or without you, so if you don't want to participate, go do what you want to do, like living a life of unbridled hedonism like me.

And yes, I'm a monger now that I'm old and can't get what I want for free. Always had to keep that hidden over at RVF. And the crazy thing is, promotion of mongering is actually the best way to maintain the moral society Roosh and his followers say they want. Instead of corrupting all girls, men share a small number of corrupted girls and leave the others alone. Bible even approves of certain whores. Whore who helped the Jews break into Jericho. Whore Esther who saved the Jews from extermination. Etc.

Probably other things I could say, but enough for now.
I was a rather new addition to the RVF (2017) and didn't post all that much, but I'm very happy to see some familiar names here.

For what it's worth though, maybe it's better this way? RVF has been declining in terms of travel ever since I joined anyway. Indeed, a certain era ends, and a new one begins.

The country flag system would have been an epic add here by the way.

Looking forward to the new communtiy.
@rottenapple Added a meetup subforum in travel.

Looking forward to seeing the forum get active. And yeah seeing the constant battle left vs. right, it's just exhausting. I want swoop to be about more than politics.

In the last 16 hours we have over 140 new users. Welcome everybody.
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Ive had loads of accounts on RVF. My last one, Trumpian, was my longest running one - ironic given it was the most political of them.

Roosh banned me for "attacking the membership, and having an emotional meltdown" in this post.

The man has a very fragile belief system. Anybody who put the rule change through any serious scrutiny was promptly banned.

Anyway good riddance Id say. Was getting really tired of the bible thumping and nouveau puritanism getting preached there all the time.

My hope is that STW stays a travel/game forum as RVF used to be before it got taken over by medieval zealots. If those guys try to come over here, they should be shown the door just as we were.
140 new users is insane to be honest, nice!
(05-25-2019, 04:41 PM)Rottenapple Wrote: 140 new users is insane to be honest, nice!

I'd say it will be 10 times that by the end of the weekend.
(05-25-2019, 01:16 PM)Rottenapple Wrote: -It feels like shit to be on 0 rep again.

Here, have a rep.
I have to say it is nice to see RVF finally crumbling around its creator. I have been contributing for years and got banned for no real reason, since I could not find any real reason I assumed Roosh went loco, and now it is clear that he did.

Would be nice to have people move here! Spread the word guys.
Hey guys, I just registered. Nice to see familiar user names here.
Also seems like a nice idea to copy the datasheets here
Not exactly a refugee but an exile, since I was banned a few months ago when this whole politics/game schism was brewing.

Fuck Roosh, all hail the new forum.

Does this thing have a dark mode? It hurts my eyes.
I read rooshv since I was a teenager, and then recently found 20nation before the new rules, so I figured I’d make an account here now too.

Also I think the move may have an inverse effect. This move led me to start reading more game books rofl.
Can we get a firm rule on no stupid political discussions about the ever present, ever powerful Jews written into stone? I don't mind discussing conspiracy theories in person over a pint with trusted friends who I know aren't just bitter about their lack of success in life, but I'm not a huge fan of being a contributing member of a forum where every discussion is ruined by autistics posters who want to talk about nothing but The Deep State, the inherent ties between demonic possession and tattoos, and (((them))).

My nightmare is spending years contributing positively to an Internet forum only to wake up someday the member of a community that has "evolved" from a community of respectful, reasonable discussion into something entire different.
Greetings fellow RVF refugees...

Though my account is still technically in good standing at RVF (under the same name), it would be a massive understatement to say I have felt at home there for quite a while. It's Roosh's approach to his new faith that has put me off, not so much that he converted. I suspect he will close up shop entirely before long. He seems unstable and emotionally volatile. I would even venture a guess that someone else is pulling his strings from behind the scenes. The rapid conversion throws up all kinds of red flags.

I knew when Roosh (and subsequently, RVF) dove head first into politics that it was the beginning of the end. I can't even articulate exactly how I knew that but I did. It became a circle jerk of doomposting white nationalist nonsense. 

All the above happened because Roosh wanted it to.

That is what nobody over there seemed to get; despite all the pissing and moaning about the forum turning political, nobody ever pointed the finger at Roosh himself, who is really to blame.

All the fedposting (leonard, among others) was going on right under Roosh's watchful eye and with his tacit approval. But nobody would dare point that out for fear of being banned.

Roosh allowed all the quality posters to be chased away in order to preserve his cult of personality...which shrinks by the day.

I knew that once that schism became apparent that there would be no reconciliation.

Suits, OTR, it's good to see you guys here!
(05-25-2019, 07:04 PM)Rhyme or Reason Wrote: Greetings fellow RVF refugees...


All the fedposting (leonard, among others) was going on right under Roosh's watchful eye and with his tacit approval. But nobody would dare point that out for fear of being banned.


Maybe I'm naïve, but what do you mean by fedposting?

I agree with you and Suits about the place turning political. Some of the best posts on game were from members who don't post anymore. I understand some people get older, but there was never really anything to replace those who left.

I won't be too hard on Roosh though. He went through a lot of shit and I can't fault him for wanting out. I think turning to religion is probably the only way he could do so convincingly.
...Wow and within 5 minutes of writing my post here, I was banned from RVF! Roosh, get a fucking life!
Good evening, gents!

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