Go to Vietnam
Gonna sell my current kitchen furniture and get more modern looking stuff. The new apartment is going to be sick. 

If anyone wants to go the same route, here is what you can expect price wise to get the pad looking nice. 

For bed frames and wardrobe I just went to the furniture street in D10. Just get the modern looking ones. Or this place has good value atleast for bed frames

For mattress I just went to a basic shop on the side of the road. Can test them out to see which one is comfortable. 

For appliances I will hit up:https://vinacool.vn/

Cost breakdown as follows

TV Table: 2.5m
40' TV: 8m
Sofa: 6m
Sofa Table: 2m
Shoe Cabinet: 1m
Balcony Table: 600k
Balcony Chairs: 3m
Bathroom Cabinet: 1m
Dinning Table: 2m
Dinning Chairs: 1.4m
Aircon: 5m
Water Heater: 2m
Bedroom Set: 7m
Bedroom Curtain: 2m
Mattress: 6m 
Fridge: 7m
Microwave: 1.5m
Fan: 2m

Total: 60m (2,500usd)

That is for fully decked out with everything. I spread out my purchases over a few months. Plan to sell all of it when I leave. Should recoup 50-70% of money spent.

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