Just came back from a month in Myanmar. TL;DR - Go for the still-relatively-off-the-track tourism, skip for the girls.

I had already visited in 2014, so I knew this was going to be a tourist trip, rather than a Game trip, but here's what I can tell you:

1) Folks are on the shorter and skinnier side - as a fit 5'9 80 kg guy, I was on the taller and more muscular side.

2) The girls' physical looks range from Chinese to almost Indian, with the average being somewhere in between. Most girls are meh, some are cute, and stunners are rare. The diet is quite oily, so from time to time, you'll see an overweight girl, though most are skinny. Most are dressed in the more conservative Southeast Asian style, wearing full-length dresses that show little skin (save for their arms) and whatever curves they have - usually not busty at all, though with slightly large booties, at least by Southeast Asian standards. A handful of girls can afford to dress in more Western styles, and can usually be found at the pricier malls (Junction City, Myanmar Plaza, and St. John's - which are likely also good day game locations, especially with the heat & humidity - those these girls may also be rich, and/or even the the daughters of the previous military leaders). Girls are apparently still fairly conservative - a local girl told me that at her office, a European male co-worker gave what we'd consider a friendly platonic touch to a Myanmar girl, but that turned out to be a no-no. It's quite safe for them though - you'll find them traveling alone or with another girl, even at night.

3) Snorkeling near Kawthaung is a decent alternative to doing it in Thailand, since few do it (my 4-person tour group only ran into 2 other groups for a few minutes over 4 days). It's probably more expensive than doing it in Thailand, though.

4) I doubt I'd like living in Yangon (the capital) long-term.

Even in February, it was hot and humid, with plenty of mosquitoes after sunset (so the locals sometimes wear clothing that covers their entire body, despite the heat, to avoid the sun during the day, and the mosquitoes at night).

Also, despite the country opening up a few years ago, corruption seems to remain an issue, according to two expats I'd met - one had lived there for 15+ years, and another for 2, who spoke Burmese as a native, and worked at the HQ of one of the large Myanmar banks.

How that affects you, even as tourist, is that a) sometimes things like the electricity aren't always reliable, unless you're staying in a nicer hotel that can afford its own generator, and b) hotels, rents, etc., especially in Yangon, are still unusually expensive for Southeast Asia (I was told a decent apartment in central Yangon can be 1000 USD per month). Long-term, healthcare is also an issue, since anyone who can afford it, gets it in Bangkok or Singapore.

Finally, traffic in Yangon is terrible. And you can't motorbike past most of it, since motorbikes are banned in many downtown areas.
1) How was tinder there?

2) Any decent bars or clubs with girls at it?

3) Any shoring opportunities?
(03-11-2019, 08:16 AM)Dash Wrote: 1) How was tinder there?

2) Any decent bars or clubs with girls at it?

3) Any shoring opportunities?

Didn't bother with any of these. Said above that I'd been before, and thus only came for tourism.
How about your previous trip?

Or you never attempted to meet girls in Myanmar?
It looks to be a fairly big country.

What did you do there aside from snorkeling? Any recommended sites?

I think going to these off the beaten path countries on a non-pussy related mission is underrated frankly.

I do have trouble imagining a SEA country where its hard for a white guy to slay though. Some people say the same about Cambodia (for non-pro action). Yet I'm batting 100% for every night i went out there.
@Dash - I didn't bother during my previous trip either, since at the time, I didn't find the girls attractive (hence why I moved to Eastern Europe instead).

@SpecialEd - Aside from snorkeling, the pagodas in Bagan are interesting, as are the fairly empty beaches in Thandwe (for when you just want to relax on a beach and not deal with tons of other tourists, bar girls, etc.) Seeing folks live on Inle Lake (not Inya Lake in Yangon) is also interesting, as is the Royal Palace in Mandalay. As for how white guys would do, I wouldn't know personally, since I'm SEA-American, though Myanmar does have some conservative influence from Bangladesh and India next door.
I travelled to Myanmar back in 2011. I went with this South Korean girl. I remember we hired a horse carriage to drive us around Bagan for the entire day for about $17. I can only imagine how much that would cost in 2019. There was absolutely nobody in Bagan except for us. Felt like I was back in time or something. I banged her on top of one of the temples. By far the most epic place I've ever had sex. I don't remember seeing many girls.

I'd imagine Myanmar is improving as far as women go. I think Ultra had an event there in 2018. If there's any place to meet (or at least see) hot girls it's at an EDM music festival.

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