300 years ago the Jesuits were in a bind. They had ordained Japanese and Chinese natives as priests but yet no Filipinos had been ordained to the priesthood.

The primitive condition of society, which had first to be raised to that level of cultural maturity required before it, could provide suitable aspirants to the Catholic priesthood. This preliminary work of civilization was mainly, if not solely the achievement of the first Spanish missionaries.

Unlike China and Japan which were highly literate and advanced societies, the Philippines was backwards and primitive socially. Compared to the other Asian nations the Jesuits had evangelized, the Philippines needed to be civilized before any real work could begin.

In 1720 the Catholic priest Gaspar de San Agustín wrote a long letter to a friend in Spain detailing why native priests should not be ordained, and giving the reasons as the many faults in the Filipino character.

95. I do not believe that I should omit mention, saltem per transenam, of a matter very worthy of consideration- namely, that if God chooses to chastise the flourishing of the Christianity of these islands, for our and their sins, by placing it in the hands of Indians ordained as priests; if God do not apply a remedy, what abominations will not follow! For to declare that they will change their customs and the aforesaid vices is impossible! On the contrary, their arrogance will grow worse with exaltation to so sublime an estate; their cupidity with power will be better fed; their laziness, with the lack of necessity; and their vanity, with the applause that they would wish to have; for they would desire to be served by those whom they would in another estate respect and obey; and the villages would suffer from the curse mentioned in Isaiah xxiv, 2!

In this paragraph he mentions "their customs and the aforesaid vices" of which he had just given a very long and detailed list. I will parse through this list and we shall see that the observations of this Augustinian friar from 300 years ago are still the same characteristics exhibited by Filipinos today!

9. They are remarkable for their ingratitude; and although ingratitude is an innate vice in all people, through the corruption of original sin in our vitiated nature, it is not corrected in them by the understanding, and they lack magnanimity. Therefore, it is all one to do a good turn to an Indian, and to prepare oneself to receive the blow of his ingratitude. Consequently, if one lend them money, they do not pay it; but instead they run away from the father. 

10. If they borrow anything that is not money, they will never return it until it is requested; and, as an excuse for not having returned it; they say that they have not been asked for it. 

11. Their laziness is such that if they open the door they never close it; and if they take any implement for any use, such as a pair of scissors, hammer, etc., they never return it whence they took it, but drop it there at the foot of the work. 

12. If they are paid anything in advance, they will leave work and keep the pay. 

16. They are curious, rude, and impertinent; and accordingly, when they meet the father they generally ask him where he is going and whence he is coming; and innumerable questions, all impertinent and troublesome. 

21. They care more for their disheveled hair than they do for their lost souls; and only they will not imitate the Spaniards if they have the custom of shaving, as is now being introduced with the false hair and perukes. 

23. When they go out alone at night, they must have a blazing torch, and go about waving it like a censer; and then they throw it down wherever they please, and this is usually the cause of great fires! 

26. They do not care for any domestic animal—dog, cat, horse, or cow. They only care, and too much so, for the fighting cocks; and every morning, on rising from slumber, the first thing that they do is to go to the roosting­ place of their cock—where, squatting down on their heels, in it's presence, they stay very quietly for at least a half­ hour in contemplation of their cock. This observance is unfailing in them. 

30. They are insolent and free in begging for unjust and foolish things, and this without considering time or season. 

31. They are very fond of play, for they believe that it is a restful way in which to gain much, and it is very suitable to their laziness and lack of energy. Therefore, an Indian would rather lie stretched out in his house than gain the greatest wage. On this account, when he gets a peso he stays at home without working, until it is all eaten up or drunk up, for it all amounts to the same thing. 

33. It is laughable to see them waken another who is sleeping like a stone, when they come up without making any noise and touching him very lightly with the point of the finger, will call him for two hours, until the sleeper finishes his sleep and awakens. The same thing is done when they call anyone downstairs, or when the door is shut; for they remain calling him in a very low tone for two hours, until he casually answers and opens to them. 

38. May God deliver us from any one of those Indians whom they consider as sages, who says any bit of nonsense, even though it be against the faith, and they only respond, Vicanong maronong, "Thus say the sages," and it is labor lost to persuade them to the contrary; for the authority that they have over them is incredible. 

43. They act tyrannically one toward another. Consequently, the Indian who has some power from the Spaniard is insolent and intolerable among them —so much so that, in the midst of their ingratitude, some of them recognize it, although very few of them. 

48. They are much given to the sin of blasphemy, because of their natural vileness, their pride, and, their presumption. Hence it is quite usual for them to complain of God, whom they call Paghihinanaquit, asking why He does not give them this or that, and health or wealth, as He does to others. 

49. They are very vain, and they spend their money never more willingly than in functions of vanity; for they consider themselves highly; and wish to be esteemed without doing anything worthy of esteem. The men especially, even though they do not have anything to eat, must not for that reason fail to have a shirt and a hat, and to dress in style. 

50. They are revengeful to an excessive degree—so much so that they are vile and cowardly; and the ministers have great trouble in reconciling them with their enemies; and although they do it through fear, it is never with the whole heart, for this passion has great influence over them!

57. They are greatly lacking in foresight. Hence the servants and stewards do not advise their master to procure any article until it is completely gone. Consequently, great deficiencies and annoyances are suffered because of this custom. 

Psychotic, entitled, boastful, heartless, narcissistic (yet they don't have any worthy reasons to act that way), evil, ignorant, pretentious, worthless, petty, intrusive, vengeful, stupid, delusional, lazy, inferior, the list can go on and on! This sounds exactly identical to almost all Filipinos today! 

I highly recommend that you read the entirety of this letter, because you'll understand the problems in the Philippines stems entirely from it's extremely dystopian, primitive, and fucked up society! Filipino society has not changed in 300 years!

If Filipino culture and mores have not changed in 300 years since being introduced to civilization, then why would anyone think they will ever change?! You can bring a Filipino civilization, but you can never make it civilized!
Great. Glad it's not just me then.
what the fuck did I just skim through.......
I lived there for 6 months. There is some truth to this. Some people are narcissist. I would also say the manners of some of them is not great. Too many naive foreigners go to the Philippines and date the wrong girls.
I agree with The Truth. 

Let's all be honest. Everything sucks with how things are in the Philippines, and all Filipinos know that it's their own faults inside, but hate to admit it. Filipinos hate the undeniable factual reality. They do everything they can to deny it. They hate it when foreigners particularly, speak truth about the puppet "politicians" in the Philippines, their retarded Filipino "traditions", etc. 

The best way for them, to not live, but exist, and pretend to be "happy" in their Hellhole, is through telling others lies. The very first "victim" of their own lies are themselves, because most Filipinos aren't even able to be honest with themselves.
I have spent over 6 months in the Philippines in total and... I don't really agree. It is true that honesty is not always a priority, but there are worse things in the world.
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(03-01-2019, 04:24 PM)20Nation Wrote: I have spent over 6 months in the Philippines in total and... I don't really agree. It is true that honesty is not always a priority, but there are worse things in the world.

what do you disagree with?
I have been to Philippines and I worked with pilipinos in oil and gas. I have only the most positive opinion of them.
Quote:every morning, on rising from slumber, the first thing that they do is, squatting down on their heels, they stay very quietly for at least a half­ hour in contemplation of their cock.

This part is true... Filipina girls complain about this behavior often and tell me this is the real reason why they prefer foreign men.
It's not that our cocks are bigger... it's that we don't stare at them for 30 minutes every morning.

Total role reversal in the Philippines.
The girl, ready to go out, knocks at the bathroom door: "Are you ready, babe?"
The Filipino man replies: "Soon baby, just twenty more minutes!" as he squats on the tiles, staring.

Quote:They are greatly lacking in foresight. Hence the servants and stewards do not advise their master to procure any article until it is completely gone. Consequently, great deficiencies and annoyances are suffered because of this custom.

This one is unironically true. Most frequent 4 words uttered by Filipino store keepers and waiters: "out of stock sirrr".
Let me pass along Ray Lopez's concerns about the Philippines:

Do we have any more Philippine spitting cobras in our backyard? (We’ve killed two in the last year, one of them at 10:00 am in the outdoor kitchen, slithering up to somebody; it can shoot their venom up to 10 feet, kills many within 30 minutes, too short to make it to the hospital); are we going to run out of water in this rain forest climate that has no dams, though we just dug a second pressurized well?; does burning plastic (there’s no trash pickup here) cause cancer though we’ve taken precautions to build a big pit and stay upwind? (diesel fuel helps but it’s so rainy here it’s hard to burn anything); did the diseased bat that almost landed on my head carry Ebola or rabies (I have anti-rabies shots, but not Ebola)?; will the volcano erupt again and bury us with pyroclastic flow, like it almost did earlier this year (the magma the size of a football stadium that rolled down the mountainside was spectacular, I saw it when it happened); will our new concrete house get damaged by an earthquake (I think not, we used good concrete not the crumbly stuff they use here to save money), or a typhoon (we have a steel roof; the Philippines gets something like a dozen typhoons a year, and we’re in ‘typhoon alley’); will we have another power cut just when I’m typing this? (the PH regional power plant is geothermal, which sounds good but in fact is prone to breakdowns, a brownout for a few hours every week is common, and more common during rain, a coal-fired plant is actually more reliable and btw electricity costs are about 2-3x more than in the USA, and people here are poor). Why are fruits and vegetables so expensive here ($1 for an ordinary apple; 80 cents for a small fist sized greenish tomato or huge, dirt filled–it’s comical–carrot) and why won’t my next-of-kin eat them? (sad people here eat nothing but sugar, white rice, pork, chicken, and the bony talapia fish, all fried of course since nobody even sells ovens and the one oven I bought, imported, had a gas leak and is inoperative, serves me right for trying to buck custom and buying things knowing everything here is sold from First World county rejected equipment, I kid you not).
(05-26-2019, 10:35 PM)Enhanced Eddie Wrote:
Quote:every morning, on rising from slumber, the first thing that they do is, squatting down on their heels, they stay very quietly for at least a half­ hour in contemplation of their cock.

This part is true... Filipina girls complain about this behavior often and tell me this is the real reason why they prefer foreign men.
It's not that our cocks are bigger... it's that we don't stare at them for 30 minutes every morning.

Total role reversal in the Philippines.
The girl, ready to go out, knocks at the bathroom door: "Are you ready, babe?"
The Filipino man replies: "Soon baby, just twenty more minutes!" as he squats on the tiles, staring.

Quote:They are greatly lacking in foresight. Hence the servants and stewards do not advise their master to procure any article until it is completely gone. Consequently, great deficiencies and annoyances are suffered because of this custom.

This one is unironically true. Most frequent 4 words uttered by Filipino store keepers and waiters: "out of stock sirrr".

But our cocks are bigger.  Huh
I love the Philippines and Filipinos, they’re the #1 immigrant group in my country in recent years and the dudes I work with are very skilled tradesmen, often with experience on mega projects in the Middle East. They’re hard workers, like to crush beers and won’t throw acid in their women’s faces if they bang outside their race. I spent three months over there and had a blast, the scuba diving and beaches were great but the corruption, dire poverty in the cities and lack of quality ganja are the reasons why I haven’t returned.
Hate these people and their shitty low grade low IQ shithole country. And it seems like I'm not the only one who thinks so either.
They don't have the same moral compass as Westerners. Lying is engrained into their culture. Their mindset is "a lie to avoid conflict isn't really a lie",  You know that going in. It's all about #ExpectationManagement 
paging Kona
Glad to be here...

I speak pretty much fluent Tagalog and Ilocano. I've grown up around Filipinos. I've spent tons of time all over PI. Killed terrorists in OEF-P, and had sex with massive amounts of Filipino women (I'm pretty sure they were) here, there, and everywhere. 

Don't believe a damn word any of them say. The women, that is. I know some real solid filipno men, for sure, but also know some scumbag chicken fighting wife beaters that fuck their daughters and sisters then suck down balut and red horse. 

I usually don't share the fact that I know whats being said with the Filipinos. It has benefitted me greatly. I've listened to girls on the phone (when they used to talk on the phone) or have conversations that will blow peoples minds. Babies that the husband thinks are theirs, girls trying to scam me out of a myriad of things, talking to husbands boyfriends with my penis inside of them, all kinds of shit. 

Look, it's just a part of the culture that sex is currency. They are looking for providers. Most Filipino men are looking to be a form of sugar daddy to these girls. It carries over into ever part of their lives. 

Just be careful, don't shell out any cash, and remember, the baby is not yours. 


The lying is a result of a thing called "hiya."  It basically means "face/reputation/pride."  To directly refuse or contradict someone, especially when other people are around to see and hear it, is a big cultural taboo.  This is similar to some other Asian cultures like Japan.  In the hierarchy of moral priority, saving someone's hiya ranks higher than being honest about whether or not you really think that their pants are too tight or their business idea is doomed to fail.  You can get the truth out of people as I have but just don't expect it to happen during a big meeting or anywhere other than in private when it's just you and the person you're talking to.  Avoiding unnecessary drama is important.  How important is it really for you to let everyone in earshot know that the stupid line is too long or that your coworker came in 5 minutes late?  The answer: less important than maintaining good relationships because good relationships can produce something positive whereas unnecessary drama does not solve anything but exists only for the sake of its own self-perpetuation.  If you have a solution to a problem, solve it.  If you don't have a solution, move on to a problem you can solve.  Either way, don't waste breath and energy talking about negative things.  

Filipinos are fully aware of all the things that suck in the country but they just don't want to talk about it in the same way that an American guy like myself will tend to get turned off by someone from another country wanting me to explain to him, from Square 1, all the complex reasons why the education and healthcare systems are so screwed in the US while he berates me and tells me it's all my fault and that I should personally storm the White House, NSA, and Wal-Mart headquarters to do something about it.  It just becomes draining.  Yes, many things suck, but being overly-negative and personal about it isn't going to draw to you the kind of people you want to be drawn to you.  The Philippines is a poor and corrupt country but that's not the only kind of country it is.  It's also a tropical island country, a majority Catholic country, a heavily family-oriented country, a very musical country, etc.  There are many things to talk about other than the frustrating negative stuff that everyone knows about already. 

Communication is also more subtle in general so expect some things to have meanings deeper and/or different from the literal meanings of the words.  As with any country, all of these sorts of characteristics are going to be more pronounced with countryside people whose English is not great than they will be with English-fluent urbanite university students from relatively wealthy and well-traveled families.  You can think of it as a more exaggerated form of how Westerners lie when other people ask "how are you?"  Even if we feel like hell, we'll just say "fine" because that is socially expedient and doesn't cause unnecessary drama where none need exist.

Scamming Women

As for the thing about women scamming, I saw this a lot when I lived there and noticed patterns.  Generally, guys who go looking for girls in the Philippines tend to be of the white knight variety and wind up falling for some made-up (or even real) sob story about how a girl's parents are ill or something.  Real Filipinos will generally not ask you for money as they know and understand the shame associated with begging.  However, people who are already on the edge of society, using drugs, single moms, etc. care less about these things and are more likely to be clinical psycho/sociopaths.  

This is one thing that people forget: within every human population, there is a certain percentage of people who are just born neurologically different from the rest and will behave differently because they have different motivations.  

Anyway, virtually all of the scams I witnessed were being perpetrated by girls who had drug problems, kids, had fallen out with their families (something that is very weird in the Philippines), were working as prostitutes and/or strippers (duh), and/or were simply psycho/sociopathic women who had figured out that they could invest a few pesos into some time at an internet cafe and get a massive return on that investment if they simply chatted up and seduced a white knight on the other side of the world who harbors fantasies of being a beloved savior and is vulnerable after his most recent heart-rending divorce.  Frankly, these girls I'm talking about tend to have multiple guys that they are all stringing along at once so it's not weird to see anywhere from 10 to 50 guys all being fooled by the same psychopathic woman (usually, they met online and she cycles them through so they don't all visit her in the Philippines at the same time - plate spinning was invented by women).  

Example: If a woman has 20 guys she is chatting with and she can get at least 5 of them to send her $50 a month (cycling out and replacing the guys who don't pay), then she will make $200 extra per month on top of whatever she already has.  Of the new 15 guys she cycles in to replace the no-payers, let's say another 5 of them give her $50 a month.  That's $400 a month.  Repeat this until you have 20 payers and you've got $800 a month.  Now, give the oldest 5 the silent treatment for a few days and watch as their concerned messages role in as you use that time to scout new guys and nurture the seeds you've already planted in your other guys.  Then message them back saying that there has been some kind of tragedy and you didn't want to ask but you need $200 to pay for your cousin's medicine or something.  Deeply worried, they send you a total of $1000 on top of the $200 they were already sending you (giving you a total of $1800 in non-taxable income for that month).  After a short time, a girl can invest in her own laptop (or just ask you to buy her one) so that she can do webcam stuff and have more "privacy" than what a crowded internet cafe allows.  $50 is really a small amount and it might be more realistic to ask for $100 or $200 a month from your guys so that they can protect you, a poor uneducated country psychopath girl, from having to do anything unsavory to make ends meet in the big city (tap that white knight instinct).  $100 out of 20 men comes to $2000 per month.  $200 out of 20 men comes to $4000 per month.  

That is more than enough money to afford all the gym memberships, cosmetics, clothes, and other things that make men want to give you more money.  If you keep cycling through men and scaling this model up, you can see how a girl with no conscience could easily make being the Philippine equivalent of an Instagram thot a highly profitable full time job, especially considering that you only need about $400 a month to have your own apartment and live well in most of the country (I've personally lived on $400 a month for years there) and you can buy/build a house/apartment building for $10,000-$20,000.  Imagine the allure of a job that is as easy as sending messages and flashing some cleavage occasionally that pays so well that you can build your own house and/or apartment complex after only a year or two.  This also isn't even counting income from things like webcam shows and other things they might do on the side.

These women do exist and they do cause trouble but, like psychopaths who make up only 1% of the general US population but at least 25% of the prison population, the effect these women have is disproportionate to their number.

LTRs and Wives

If you want a serious relationship with a Filipina, my advice is to screen her family because family is of major importance in the Philippines and Filipino culture is more group than individual oriented so her family will have a much heavier effect on her than yours likely has on you as (I'm assuming) a Westerner.  If her family is solid and you get in well with them (maintain regular contact, don't use bad words around her parents, go to church with them, talk about things you like about Filipinos and the Philippines and avoid talking about things you dislike, go visit relatives if they genuinely are ill, bring a small gift when you visit, etc. - this is not bribery; gift-giving is normal and appreciated in most cultures), she probably will be too as, even if she had some hypergamous itch that would cause an American girl to ditch you on a whim, she knows the shame it would cause her and her family do just up and ditch a guy who everyone in her family and neighborhood likes for no good reason and divorce is also illegal (or at least extremely difficult) in the Philippines (along with alimony and child support being very difficult to extract from a non-citizen foreigner once he leaves the country) so she won't exactly be making her future life easier by engaging in such risky and impulsive behavior.

As with anywhere, don't pluck a girl off the street or out of some village in the mountains with no regard for her family, neighbors, or friends and without learning anything about the local culture, beliefs, values, gender roles, etc. just because she was the first one to reply to your messages on DateInAsia and then expect that she is going to be your dream girl.  She might be but it's unlikely as dream girls tend not to use online dating.  And, as with anywhere, get a DNA test at the hospital as soon as the kid is born to make sure it's actually yours.  Women are women.


There is not and never really has been a concept of borrowing in the Philippines.  When you give someone something, it is just expected that you'll never want it back and, if you ask for it back, it is a 'hiya' violation.


I will admit that this has upset me greatly in the past but I understand where it comes from.  Here are a few of the causes:  

1. Salaries are very low in the Philippines.  In my case, the lower my salary is, the less motivated I feel to risk a workplace accident by over-exerting myself at a job that doesn't provide healthcare.    

2. The Philippines is very hot.  If you're working outside, especially if you can't afford to be well-nourished and hydrated, you are legitimately risking heat stroke if you over-exert yourself.  

3. Everyone else is being slow.  Why do you want to be the only one killing yourself on the job when you know it won't result in any increase in pay or benefits?

4. Corruption.  Why do you want to bust your ass only to make yourself more visible as the guy who is busting his ass (and therefor likely making more money) so that all of the dirty officials can come out of the woodwork and take it away from you?

5. Things are cheap in the Philippines.  You don't actually need much at all to get by and, like in most countries, the majority of Filipinos are content with what they have.  So why wreck your body and lose time with your family and friends so that you can spend all day every day working a job you hate with people who piss you off for a faceless corporation that couldn't possibly care less about you if it tried?

6. Most Filipinos have no significant stake in society or the country.  Most Filipinos have no investments, assets, or anything of any major financial worth to tie them to the current order.  This is one reason why Filipinos find it so easy to leave the country to work abroad.  

7. Parasitic relatives and friends.  If you are doing well, you are expected to spread it around.  You can be high-speed but, if all of your relatives and amigos are bums whom you know will just shame and sabotage you if you start outshining them, why would you not just keep your ass on the barangay basketball court and relax in the shade with your high school sweetheart?


Let's be real.  The Spaniards were royal dicks.  They ruled the Philippines for 400 years and, by the time the US took the territory after winning the Spanish-American War, only about 2% of Filipinos were fluent in Spanish and almost nobody could read or write.  This is because the Spaniards never bothered to teach anyone anything or build the country up to be anything other than their own private sugar plantation in the way that the King of Belgium just used the Congo as his own private rubber plantation (though, the Spaniards weren't nearly that evil).  They never even bothered to integrate themselves to any degree beyond converting everyone to Catholicism and banging local women so they tended to stereotype a lot because the only Filipinos they actually saw and interacted with on a daily basis were the beggars, hookers, thugs, and rebels who were the only ones not too terrified to completely avoid and hide from them.  Point is that the Spaniards made it clear at every opportunity that they viewed themselves as the master race and that they had no intention, then or ever, of doing anything for Filipinos simply out of kindness unless it was something their God explicitly commanded them, under threat of eternal hellfire, to do.

If I were being lorded over by such people, I don't think I would feel grateful for their presence in my life and I don't think I'd feel particularly animated to break my back on the double to make sure that construction on their latest military fort or plantation manor got completed on schedule.  In fact, I might do everything I could to secretly sabotage them (which is why the national shirt of the Philippines, the 'barong tagalog,' is transparent - Filipinos kept hiding knives under their shirts and trying to assassinate Spaniards).  

To make this worse, the Spaniards, like the French and British, actively used local Filipino dirtbags, thugs, and gangsters warlords tribal leaders to rule for them in their place while they were away.  During the whole colonial period, there were never more than a few thousand Spaniards in the Philippines at any given time and most of the actual administration of the colony was carried out by literally the most corruptible people that that the Spaniards could find amongst the local population because they were the ones the Spaniards could just bribe to do all kinds of nasty things for them.  

Unfortunately, when the Americans took over from Spain, the clans and thuglords that the Spaniards had elevated to status were not removed but simply started working under the American rule instead of the Spanish.  When the Americans left, these same clans remained.  They are still in charge of most things of any real importance throughout the country and everyone knows it.  There is only so high that you can go in the Philippines before you get shut down by one or more of them and, knowing that, why would anyone try hard to break their backs to better a system they know they will never have a real stake in?  And why would anyone thank someone else for the opportunity to be subjugated?

I'm not saying that the Philippines or Filipinos are all perfect (they're human too) but the overwhelming majority of them don't deserve the bad wrap that they're getting from this Spanish priest from hundreds of years ago.  

Note: Spanish priests and friars were also not exactly known for their righteousness in the Philippines either as the Philippines, being so far away and undeveloped as it was, had the reputation even then of being the place where those Spaniards who really screwed up back in Spain or wherever else were sent to be forgotten and/or to make bank off of extortion because there was nobody to check their behavior in their remote fiefdoms.  The national novel of the Philippines, Noli Mi Tangere, written by the national hero (José Rizal - who was executed by firing squad for having written it) actually features the friars and their corruption (including everything from the making of many illegitimate children to murder).  There were a handful of Spanish priests and other religious officials who were genuinely pious and altruistic but the majority of the Spanish ruling class came to the Philippines either because they were basically exiled from Spain for being dicks or for the explicit purpose of extorting as much wealth from the populace as they possibly could outside of the watchful eye of any authority higher than themselves  Needless to say, the word of a Spanish overseer during the colonial days is not something I would see as being innately reliable on this subject.
I have been living in the Philippines continuously since mid-2015, running a software company and then doing some consulting.

OP and most posters are right, they're banging on an open door as they say Filipinos are lazy, dishonest, hypocritical and all the bad qualities we have gotten to love...not!  Wink

One thing must be said, though. There is a growing young, educated middle class that has more similarities with other Asian and perhaps US youth, than the average Filipino men from the province (countryside). Sure, it doesn't even account for 10% of the total population but it's there and quite visible, especially if one hangs out in the larger, more cosmopolitan areas of Metro Manila and Metro Cebu (Davao City isn't quite there yet, I am afraid).

There is a vast chasm between the Filipinos the above posters talk about and these well-dressed/groomed, well-spoken and career-minded young men and women. You see them working in one of the central business districts (Makati, BGC, Ortigas) and the way the speak, move and behave, they come across as almost a different human species from the lazy, vile and poor Filipino from the province.

The sad truth about the Philippines is that, for how much the country is posting a solid growth, most of it is seen and felt mainly in urban areas. Get out of the urban turf and the social fabric is as bad as it you would expect in a second-tier colony.

My 2 cents are: yes the Philippines and the Filipinos will develop and evolve, but it will take an incredible amount of time. Probably longer than other SEA countries on a similar platform: Vietnam, and Indonesia.

In the meantime we keep enjoying the beaches, the cheap beer & seafood and the nice girls. I am not in a rush, are you?  Wink

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