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Struggle between wanting to learn seduction and wanting companionship
Hey guys so a month ago I moved to Bangkok to teach English and practise my game. So far I've had a few casual hookups but I'm finding it quite lonely here and so am beginning to crave a serious girlfriend, even though that goes against my plans for being a playboy 'butterfly' as they're known here in Thailand and getting good with women. Last weekend I hung out with this stunning chick from ThaiCupid, really beautiful- we met at 2pm and were still chatting at 10pm. She came home with me and we fucked 4 times, it was amazing and we were both sleepy for the next few days.

Anyway I really made a connection with this girl and then I think I got a little needy. I invited her for drinks on Wednesday and she declined, saying we can't fuck on a week night when we both have work the next day. Actually I just wanted to see her again because I miss her. But my last message she has ignored for about 12 hours and I'm beginning to think I fucked up.

My main fuckup here was not so much whatever I said - that's only a symptom. The main fuckup, I believe, is falling for her, thinking about making her my girlfriend etc when we only had one date. I mean, it was a very long date, with a long night of amazing sex (I made her cum more than she made me cum so I'm pretty sure she loved it) but I got needy because I wasn't used to having unpaid sex with such beautiful women - and OMG I have never experienced a woman so wet before. Her panties were drenched. My dad said that's an indication that she might like me, so I ended up getting a crush on her since I thought she liked me. Then I got needy, now she's unresponsive.

So yeah on the one hand I'm lonely af and not enjoying the pain when I make a connection with someone and then it doesn't turn into a relationship. On the other hand, I know I'm like this because I'm still in scarcity with women and so I need to fuck around a lot more to improve in this matter. If I did this all the time it wouldn't be a big deal. 

Everyone wants to find a mate, wish you good things!
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My opinion is, I don't think you are being needy. You sent her a message asking to go out for drinks, that's it? Not messaging over and over? It seems fine to me. Just back off a little and give her some space, if she liked what she got she will be back. Afraid you are having girlfriend thoughts? Just keep it as a possibility and don't focus on it. If it becomes that then that's great. In the end it just boils down to what you want. Don't let the idea of being a "butterfly" limit you. If you are feeling lonely and want a girlfriend, then do it. All girlfriends do not necessarily become wives and all girlfriends do not last forever. Instead of just one night stands, give it a try on some longer flings and mini relationships. Especially if you are there longer term. It will probably be more fulfilling in the end. Most guys just trying for one night stands are usually there for a shorter stay, or a bang trip.

Now if this girl is not interested in being a girlfriend and blows you off? Don't worry about it, another bus will be pulling up shortly. And if you are truly interested in a girlfriend and a longer term relationship, you are at a huuuuuge advantage on the dating sites there. Look at what all the girls are writing in their profiles, they are all begging for a serious relationship. Most are tired of the one night stands, and guys that only want sex. If it ends up not being forever, or only a few weeks long, well its just part of the normal dating process. You date different people until you find that incredible one you really like.
Okay I realized now you posted this earlier this year, and a probable spammer brought it back into the feed. Anyway, so how did things turn out?

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