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Struggle between wanting to learn seduction and wanting companionship
Hey guys so a month ago I moved to Bangkok to teach English and practise my game. So far I've had a few casual hookups but I'm finding it quite lonely here and so am beginning to crave a serious girlfriend, even though that goes against my plans for being a playboy 'butterfly' as they're known here in Thailand and getting good with women. Last weekend I hung out with this stunning chick from ThaiCupid, really beautiful- we met at 2pm and were still chatting at 10pm. She came home with me and we fucked 4 times, it was amazing and we were both sleepy for the next few days.

Anyway I really made a connection with this girl and then I think I got a little needy. I invited her for drinks on Wednesday and she declined, saying we can't fuck on a week night when we both have work the next day. Actually I just wanted to see her again because I miss her. But my last message she has ignored for about 12 hours and I'm beginning to think I fucked up.

My main fuckup here was not so much whatever I said - that's only a symptom. The main fuckup, I believe, is falling for her, thinking about making her my girlfriend etc when we only had one date. I mean, it was a very long date, with a long night of amazing sex (I made her cum more than she made me cum so I'm pretty sure she loved it) but I got needy because I wasn't used to having unpaid sex with such beautiful women - and OMG I have never experienced a woman so wet before. Her panties were drenched. My dad said that's an indication that she might like me, so I ended up getting a crush on her since I thought she liked me. Then I got needy, now she's unresponsive.

So yeah on the one hand I'm lonely af and not enjoying the pain when I make a connection with someone and then it doesn't turn into a relationship. On the other hand, I know I'm like this because I'm still in scarcity with women and so I need to fuck around a lot more to improve in this matter. If I did this all the time it wouldn't be a big deal. 


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