Making video calls sexual...?
This is my first time to post here, but I have benefited from reading Swoop the World over the last couple of years, I have learned a great deal, so thanks a lot to you guys.   

Even before coming across this forum I had lived in Asia (now for the last 6 years or so), not for the purpose of gaming but I just enjoy living in Asia.

Largely inspired by this website, I have decided to take a trip to Cebu Philippines, for a couple of months starting at the end of this coming January.  Really excited about this. 

I made an account on Filipino Cupid, and have got tons of interest;  

Though the trip is still a month away, I have a fair bit of free time, so I have already been getting a lot of girls numbers on Viber, Whatsapp, FB, blah blah.   

I am happy with this, and I generally just say something on the lines of, "I don't have time to talk on this site, but give me your Viber/Whatsapp/Line whatever and I'll msg you before I get to Cebu."   They are happy to do this.

I was just curious about one thing, more just as something interesting to try, which is Skyping or Video-Calling with these girls, and whether it is useful for doing any seduction remotely, through such a video call, or whether it is advisable, or reasonably possible/likely/at all useful, to get sexual on a Skype or Viber video call, etc....?    

Would this be useful or advisable at all?  And any tips on the immediate practicalities (i.e. best things to say and do...? sorry if that question seems stupid). Would be most welcome.

Again, I'm not sure if it is just a waste of time/numbers.   Or if it might be something to play around with.  And if anyone has any experience with it, would love to hear their feedback.  

Usually I don't get sexual or escalate until I can meet someone in person, but I just wonder if there might be another perspective on this. 

P.s.: The only reason this really occurred to me is that a couple of the girls keep trying to video-call me already; otherwise I never really would have thought of doing such a thing, since I am not sure of its efficacy/purpose. But it sparked me to wonder if I could play around with this.

Thanks a lot in advance.  Best
My girl can make every single one video call so sexy. When i try to be attractive as well, i fail. It looks so dumb Smile So i just try to be serious always.
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