Improving game with Asian chicks
I'm thinking about heading back to BKK and was thinking that my main goal is getting better, not necessarily just banging more. 

So the lang. barrier and culture are making this a bit less obvious. While I was there I didn't think I progressed a lot in game, compared to hitting up Caucasian women. 

I mean there's always harder/more quality girls so I'm not saying I conquered BKK or anything but felt the learning factor was less effective and couldn't translate it that much to other girls.

What are your thoughts on that?
SEA is where you go to coast and get volume, not really a place to "improve your game".

As for improving your game. You can do that anywhere. Even SEA.

Improving Game

1) Outer Game
a. Get in shape
b. Dress well
c. Well groomed

2) Inner Game
a. Evaluate your personality (will need numerous unbiased opinions)
b. Eliminate the bad qualities, refine positive qualities and add new positive qualities
c. Learn about attraction, seduction, closing etc
d. Conquer approach and rejection anxiety

3) Misc Game
a. Have/Get interesting hobbies
b. Learn to dance
c. Learn another language

At the end of the day, girls are girls. Doesn't matter where they are from.

They like masculine, confident, romantic, funny dudes.

They want to feel wanted, complimented, protected, attention, laugh etc etc.

Men fall in love with their eyes and think with their dick. Women fall in love with their ears and think with their heart. Universal the world over.
I agree that Bangkok is not a great place to improve your game. Game in Bangkok mostly consists of being white, opening and taking her home. Lots of my lays there were mostly effortless, and that hardly works in other countries. To put it into perspective, with this one girl I banged (actually more than one), I asked what their type of guys is. They said "Tall, American." If you're a girl's ideal archetype it's nearly impossible to fuck it up, unless you're a pussy and don't make any physical moves on her. Living in Bangkok for a while made me think I had great game, but obviously "showing up and being white" isn't going to work as well if I'm in Europe or the US. Bangkok is great if you want to increase your notch count, just keep in mind that majority of your lays will be 5's and 6's. Most of the 7's and higher I've ever banged there took 2-3 dates to close.

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