Organizing Girls and 14-Day Optimization Plan
Alright, so i spent 2 months in the Philippines earlier this year. I learned a lot, had a great time and it was an awesome experience. I had a lot of time and even if a day was wasted or didn't work, it didn't matter.

Now... i am going back for 2 weeks in early January. 

I have 14 days. 

I have been pipelining for 1 month. I have a lot of good leads. I am even re-activating leads i couldn't meet last summer. 

My questions for all the experts here is how i should organize and schedule girls to maximize.

More specifically...  

1) How many hours between dates?

2) Should i always double book (like an A prospect and a Plan B prospect if A doesn't show up)?

I'd like an average of 2.5 dates a day (which takes into account no show, flakes). 2 weeks x 2.5 = 35 or so dates. I was able to close around 40% last summer. So, that gives me roughly 10-12 lays for 2 weeks. I'd be happy with 10 good ones.

So I am thinking... double book and... using the following time slots.. approximately...something like..

10-11 am (late morning)

2-3 PM  (early-mid-afternoon)

6-7 PM (early evening)

10-11 PM (late afternoon)

Targeting at least 3 dates. Book 1 girl at 10:00 and the other at 10:45 (plan b) is 10:00 doesn't show... 

So i want feedback and all your tricks to REALLY MAXIMIZE number of dates and lays in a 14-day period!!

Please share so i can take full advantage of my two weeks in the philippines! Smile

Thank you!
Don't double book. You wouldn't wan't some girl double booking you, wasting your time and flaking last minute/hour after you already planned and expected to meet.

If you really want to have other options, do this. Tell numerous girls you have a work conference but you are unsure when it will end. However, if it ends by x time would they like to meet. Ask do they have anything planned around that time and IF you finish your obligations, would they like to go to x, but stress this is a maybe and to not go anywhere, wait, schedule or plan their day around it. Some girls will say sure, ill be at home doing nothing, no plans mad and will likely be free.

However, if you schedule in advance and talk regularly aka setting the hook, I do not think you will have to worry a ton about flakes.

As for your plan. Here is my advice.

1) Organize all girls you pipeline (name, neighborhood they live, work, study, when they are free, and a rating for looks and sluttiness.

23 / Big Tits Katie / Lives D1 / Works D3 / Free Evenings After 5pm / HB7 / SlootScale 5 / +84 093.374.1223 / Facebook'd

2) Talk regularly to the high priority girls everyday leading up to the trip

3) Schedule 2-3 dates for each day/night (morning-afternoon / evening-night / late night) 7-3 days in advance. DONT try to book last minute on the day of the dates. Id rotate heavy days and soft days to allow for possible repeats with liked girls and just some potential chill time as meeting a ton can burn people out.

Mon: 3 dates scheduled

Tue: 1 afternoon date scheduled

Wed: 3 dates scheduled

Thu: 1 afternoon date scheduled

4) Always make sure to have a late night date scheduled. For me anyways, this is my money time with Pinays. Ive never been on a late night date that didn't result in sex in the Philippines (that I wanted or attempted).

Good luck.
Wow this great advice Dash! THat's exactly what i was looking from an experience player. Thank you so much!

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