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Living and working in Vietnam means I spend a lot of time on the road. Podcasts for me are a lifesaver in dealing with this. Can anyone recommend any decent podcasts?

I’ve recently discovered someone who may go onto to be even better than Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History series. Its called Martyrmade and is made by Daryyl Cooper.

I discovered him through History on Fire by Danielle Bolelli and Jocko Willink(motivational navy seal) on a cross over episode. It was on the My Lai massacre in Vietnam. If your interested I’d start with that.

What Darryl does is basically cover extreme scenarios in history recent/and old, and gets you to think like them from both sides perspective. He literally gets you feeling sorry for the soldiers who massacred those mainly women and children in My Lai then all of a sudden goes into the details of what they actually did. He’s also a master storyteller. I have not heard better yet including Dan Carlin.

He’s got an epic series on the Israel/Palestine situation that’s changed the way I see the world.

Feel free to leave any suggestions.
My current subscriptions:

The Beige Phillip Show aka Man School 202 (manosphere shit)
JRE (everything)
Slashfilmcast (films, obviously)
The Fighter and the Kid (hilarious everything show)
Fresh Air NPR (yes it can be very liberal sometimes but also has good shows)
Hidden Brain NPR (same as above)
Jocko Podcast (leadership and responsibility, plus tons of history)

Most importantly, The Black Phillip Show
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Seconding the Joe Rogan Experience recommendation. It's a solid podcast with more than a thousand episodes, and hundreds of different guests.
Tales from the crypt
Jordan Peterson podcast (philosophical and psychological topics)
(05-28-2019, 06:38 PM)Arturbala Wrote: Jordan Peterson podcast (philosophical and psychological topics)

I can only hear about the Gulag, Solzhenitsyn, Christianity and the carnivore diet so much.
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(05-28-2019, 08:00 PM)Checkmat Wrote:
(05-28-2019, 06:38 PM)Arturbala Wrote: Jordan Peterson podcast (philosophical and psychological topics)

I can only hear about the Gulag, Solzhenitsyn, Christianity and the carnivore diet so much.

I don't like his talks about this diet too. But he discusses plenty other topics I guess...
One podcast I've really come to enjoy the last 3-4 months is The Voluntary Life.

The podcast is mostly about entrepreneurship, productivity, minimalism, financial independence, and freedom in the spirit of Harry Browne's book, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World. The host, Jake Desyllas, isn't exactly a paragon of masculinity, but he is clearheaded, measured, and direct. Ideologically, he has a libertarian bent without being a total nutter.

I've reaped enough value and have actually started contributing to his Patreon.

Among my favorite podcasts of his:

The Financial Independence Series Parts 1 - 4
Part 1: What You Need to Know About Your Money
Part 2: Make Save Invest
Part 3: Buy Status Symbols or Buy Your Freedom

Review of Harry Browne's Fail Safe Investing
Fail Safe Investing Part 1
Fail Safe Investing Part 2

Escaping the Identity Trap

Freedom from Prentence

Society is Your Relationships

The True Believer

No One Is Coming to Save You
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The Peter Attia Drive - discussing longevity and quality of life topics mostly with MDs and researchers in related fields

EconTalk - economics in the very broad sense

Crypto Voices - Bitcoin and crypto, focusing mainly from the economic/financial perspective

Tropical MBA - on location independent businesses

The first three are of the long-form conversation kind. The fourth has shorter episodes, and sometimes devolves into Buzzfeed-like style ("5 Reasons Your Presentation Might Suck"), but has ~500 episodes and many good ones among them.
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Seconding the Tropical MBA --- there are 494 episodes out so far and I have listened to every single one of them.

It completely changed my life and set me on my current path to grow my own self-funded online business. Plus the hosts Dan and Ian are hilarious, especially in the early episodes when they are in their late 20s (like I am currently).
The Stansberry Investor Hour - Investing

Smart Agency Master Class with Jason Swenk - Growing a Digital Agency

The Salesman Podcast - Sales
The Productivity Show - Goes over techniques and tools.

Myths and Legends - Hits a different story from a different part of the world in each episode, from Robin Hood to Chinese folklore to frontier Mexico.

Bloomberg Masters in Business - Usually an interesting interview with some mogul you've never heard of but who turns out to really interesting.

I've just added Tropical MBA. Cool suggestion.
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'The history of philosophy without any gaps'

When he says 'without any gaps' he really means it!
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I've recently come across a podcast that I really like: Hidden Forces

The podcast format is interview based and covers a wide range of topics like developments of current technology (crypto/blockchain, AI) and implication, socio-cultural phenomena (depression epidemic, "triggering"), economics, markets, significant current events (the MAGA hat kid), and philosophy.

The host, Demitri Kofinas, is remarkably informed and is opinionated (slightly left-leaning) without being heavy-handed or dogmatic. Additionally, many of his guests are brilliant and he is able to coax a lot of insight out of them.

Highly recommended if you're interested in an information-rich dialogue centered around the major ideas and happenings of the times.
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Most of the ones I listen to are about skiing, recently unsubscribed to a few football ones, I don’t like the direction global football is going in.

Currently working my way through coffee break Italian.

I also couldn’t find exactly the ski content I wanted so I started my own. Pm me if you want to hear my dulcet tones.

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