Need advice, new Santo Domingo Airbnb declaring guest rule
Hey everyone,

So about a year ago I had no issue finding Airbnbs that didn't care about undeclared guests. (Guests that you had to declare at time of reservation or check in). Seems like this has changed due to many tourists renting high end rentals and banging so many girls.

Now it seems that any decent/upscale Airbnb rental makes it very explicit that all guests must be declared at check in time. This sucks. I literally have 30+ Dominican girls waiting for me. I've  done video calls with them, gotten nudes, etc so it's a done deal. Some will be re-bangs from the first time I went.

This new rule sucks because it means I can't have these girls come over without getting a crappy Airbnb review or being accused I'm bringing over hookers, despite me not paying these girls to bang.

Anyone have any suggestions?

I'm also aware of cabanas, but I feel like that implies to the girl they are just good for banging, which is true haha, but kills the mood. Also feels very dirty to me. It seems like the shit hole airbnb locations don't really care, but I like staying in upscale areas. I guess I probably need to compromise in some aspect.
Find another room that doesn't do this. I am sure there has to be one. Or can try a hotel and simply bribe the guard if they require it.
I normally wouldn't encourage lying but how do you think they'll really enforce this? If there's a doorman just bribe him and don't cause trouble. If there are neighbors then be discrete. If you're scared of getting banned from Airbnb then just write to the person and let them know that you plan to go on a couple of dates when you get there. Tell them that you may end up having an overnight guest if the date goes well but she won't be staying there for the duration of the trip and you will have her present ID to the security guard if there is one. My guess is that this has to do with sex tourism
I just look for places without security guards or front desks. If they do t have those, no way to regulate it
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