best cities for daygame in africa
Hey guys have any of you had experience daygaming in Africa. don't hear anything about daygame in Africa seems unexplored terrority for most. I could be wrong.

heard good things about Luanda in angola and addis abba in Ethiopia

has anybody has experience in this country?
I spent several months in Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia in South West Africa back in 2008 when I was in my early 20s, doing an internship for a German organisation. Things may have changed since then, but back in those days it was very easy for Western guys to get laid with the local women. I remember random women, such as lawyers and PAs of other companies, coming into the office for appointments or to visit their secretary friends, and they would actively hit on me asking me for my number and then text me in a forward way demanding to hang out. Similar experiences in the gym. However in those my younger days I was too much of a pussy to actually bang any of these African girls that were so clearly up for it, simply because of the ludicrously high rates of HIV there at the time - i rembember the statistic that among the 18-30 age group for women, 50% were HIV positive. In light of the highly sexualised and promiscuous culture there this doesn't surprise me Wink
That said, I was getting laid with plenty of girl who were other expats - mainly interns from Europe. The male-female ratio among the young expats was heavily skewed towards women. 

I didn't do any day game  there myself mainly because I hardly walked around the city (except in the central business district during the daytime) as violence and muggings were always under the surface. I made an effort to stay safe so always just travelled by car, but several of the other short term young expats got mugged at knifepoint in the middle of the day if they walked a bit outside of the central business district (which is a very small area anyway), others got bashed about the head with a rock from behind without warning and then robbed. Day game in the malls and gyms would have been very doable though.

I don't know much about Addis Addis Ababa, but I heard that Luanda was ridiculously expensive and not a very pleasant place to stay - never been there though.

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