1. How to Stay Safe when you travel as a female.
You can explore and learn a lot from traveling and every being should travel freely whenever they want either male or female. Women are traveling for many motives like business meetings, amusement. But sometimes in our society, it becomes difficult for women to travel because of many stereotypes of people like they are weak, they cannot take care of themselves. Time to break those stereotypes with some safety measure for women when they are traveling alone.

Dress like a home-grown of that society that makes other people think that you are from them so they will not gaze at you like an alien and you keep yourself safe from many shouts and taunts. You should be aware from the local emergency number of that area, now there are many mobile apps available, keep them in your mobile so you can easily contact the person in case of emergency. Let your family and friends know where you are, you can share your live location through WhatsApp or at least the area where are you if you don’t want to let them know your exact location. Always keep a copy of your original documents like your passport, identity card. As well as now its digital world so keep a scanned copy of your documents in your email. 

Take advice from locals of that area, it's safer to ask from females. Besides that, there are many groups and chats available online, you can go through them.  My mom always advises me to not keep my money in one place keep some money in your hotel bag or in your socks or any safer place that you can think where a thief cannot reach. Prepare yourself for worst as well, and always believe in your inner sensitivities and if you are getting bad vibrations concerning about that particular thing then leave it, there is no dishonor in saying NO to that thing.
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