I created a program to automatically swipe on tinder using machine learning
Here it goes.
Obviously, there is a lot of talk here about online game and how to do it efficiently.
As a programmer, I immediately thought of making a program to do at least the swiping for me and save me that time.
Firstly, I searched if such a thing exists. Besides some shitty auto likers that trash your elo, there existed some python scripts in github, but there were 2 problems with those:
  1. Only people who know python scripting can realistically use them.
  2. You won't find a complete neural network that knows to tell between the hot women and the fat ones. You'll only find codes for a neural network that you should train yourself from scratch. There might be two reasons for it:
    1. They think every person's taste is different, or
    2. They think it's illegal / immoral to publish something that is based on data from real users that they acquired.
The first one is false and I didn't care about the second one.
So I decided to create a program with a pre-trained neural network, and add an interface that's easy for everyone to use and is designed to "just work".
This is a first version. Please provide your feedback and thoughts. If it succeeds, maybe I'll make a new version and charge a few bucks for it.
Why would you want to? If you swipe right on every girl, the Tinder algorithm sends you to the back as a low priority and less girls see you. You should only swipe right on the girls you genuinely want to fuck. If thats everybody, you need to be more selective, have some standards. Its similar in real life. If you have no standards, you'll get less quality girls too.

Or are you using some kind of algorithm to determine the most swiped girls and swipe only on them? Well maybe you have different opinions on whats attractive than the next guy. Often times one of my mates will be like "dude check out that chick over there, she's amazing" and I'm like "Meh". But OMG have you seen her!" pointing to somone else and he's like "Her? What do you see in her?"

I'm not really much of a tinder user anyway, personally. I prefer those sites and apps where you can browse girls' profiles, pick one and message her. No need for her to swipe right on you first, she just needs to see and respond to your message.
If I'm reading the OP correctly, he's provided an auto-liker that ONLY swipes right on girls that HE trained it to (presumably attractive).
I'm really interested in this, but a bit afraid of downloading rar files and installing. Can be easily virus. Do you have a working demo or elsewhere something?
Maybe contact the guys from STW? If it works well and not getting tinder (shadow)ban us than it has good potential.
Yea do NOT download that.

OP if you wanna be taken seriously (and not banned), post the sourcecode on github. You could have all sorts of nasties in there..
Thanks for the reps guys. Guess reverse psychology works in 2019. Who'd have thunk it? Wink

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