Bangkok Tinder + IG
I've been in Bangkok for almost 2 months... give or take, with one Visa run to Manila and straight back to BKK.

I fired up Tinder when I landed (no pipelining or paying for the app prior to the trip) started getting matches. Over a month I think I got roughly 150 or so matches, but deleted a bunch that didn't reply after a few days (bad move looking back). It's my first time on Tinder for years.

Met up with 16, banged 12. A few 6's but for most I'd say they were 6.5/7's. Had a date with one 8, but was too nervous so messed it up.

My game sucks in my opinion, so I was happy for a short while with the lays I got. Now my tastes are changing and I'm wanting higher quality girls, so need to get stuck into daygame again, that's where I've had the best results before.

Aside from the ramble, I have a question...

Is it worth getting on Instagram and posting some decent shots up there of my travels? I'll definitely try Tinder again in another city, but the reason I ask is because I really don't like Social Media and have done everything possible not to be found on there. Haven't touched FB since 2013, no snapchat, IG, LinkedIn, MySpace (joking) etc. I just like privacy.... but... the amount of girls that asked for my IG on Tinder was crazy. I'd say 80% at least.

I had 5 photos on there (granted they were roughly 5 years old, I haven't change much) but I had some girls say things like "I don't trust guys that don't use social media" or "Why don't you have IG? That's weird."

So after a while I thought that maybe not having IG was hindering me and now I need to be this photo clown in order to get more puss.

I admit I have not tried the Instagram thing, but it has to be better than facebook, I hope. I'm not on Tinder but on dating sites pipelining I still get asked mostly for facebook. So maybe its more a Tinder thing? Problem with Facebook I have is when I give it to a new girl and she checks it out, she will see the other girls there who have liked my photos, etc. Even though I hide the friends. They can still see them through likes, and it doesn't take long and it turns them off thinking you are a player with many girls. And/or they can tell its a burner account with no family stuff on it. I'm with you that I don't like the social media that much and I hardly post anything there other than a few photos.

But I think Instagram is kind of the opposite effect. You need a lot of followers other than less to prove you are popular. And you need to keep staying active and regularly posting new photos of yourself to maintain the popularity. But I have read that it is very effective with the girls if you can do that. If you are ready to put in that work.
Thanks for the reply Stretch.

I'm very tempted to do the IG thing, but like you say it takes work with regularly posting photos.

I thought it would play well with daygame also though. Assuming I have my IG on point, I could just go for the IG instead of the number when closing. That coupled with Tinder could work well. Mmmm... I might have to stop living in the shadows and being lazy!
Yeah having a good IG is key these days. In the course i’m Working on there is a whole section on it.
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Cool, I'll check it out when you release it then.

I landed back in BKK yesterday and thought, screw it I need to get it going, so booked a 2 hour street photo shoot on Thursday just to kick things off. I know that I need cool/fun/adventurous photos that I'll add over time, but for now at least this gets me started.
Decided to give Tinder one last go before working my IG... here's a perfect example that I was talking about in my original thread. Just thought I'd share.
How many photos do you have on your tinder that clearly show your face?
All 5 of them. This was the most drastic response I had though.
Ok quick update.

I got the IG account, uploaded 3 new cool professional photos (hired a photographer to follow me around) hooked it up to Tinder and it's like a completely different game. Last night I banged a 20 year old with an amazing body, she came straight to my house at 3am after I got her messaging me on IG. I've only got 108 followers so far.

The difference in the women matching with me is night and day and I'm getting women contacting me directly through IG direct message also. So the game plan is to make my account as cool as possible and work on gaining more followers. I clearly should have been doing this many years ago!

I'd say with my old photos and no account I was getting 5's and 6's. With the new photos and IG hooked up I'm matching 7's and the occasional 8 consistently.
I am in Bangkok. Any Shenanigans here?
Wouldnt professional photos look fake?

I automatically think a girl is fake if she has mostly professional looking photos.

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