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(07-08-2018, 11:59 AM)whiteknightrises Wrote: I have transited through KLIA a few times cuz of AirAsia (cheap Asian airline)

I remember once I got this meal there, it was the best airport meal I've had in my life (considering airport food is usually shit)

I'm sure it's even better in the country itself

Think it was called laksa? Some spicy soup thing

Ya It's Laksa. 

I think you mostly ate at OLD TOWN WHITE COFFEE restaurant. 

remember to have the Hazelnut white coffee next time.

(07-08-2018, 10:07 PM)TigerT Wrote: Great post Tyson!

I have spent six months in Malaysia, so your post brings back memories.

Always good to have a local perspective and not some protective BS like some people like to think about the girls from their country.

You only wrote about KL, does it mean the other cities are not as good?

About 70% of the beauty gather at K.L. area. So I only wrote about KL.

Consider most guys here will just travel around 1 week at Msia too, so these 5 places are enough to keep most guys busy througout the week already.
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