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Tinder game
(04-13-2017, 09:28 AM)TigerT Wrote: Not sure if it is the best place for that but I've got a question.

On TanTan, chinese copy of tinder, I get more and more: "ONS?", "Make love?", "sex?" or "Fuck?" or whatever you can imagine after only a few messages.
What do you think? Pros, scams or I am getting luckier and luckier?

Sounds like i have to check out TanTan and visit China again.
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  • TigerT
Problem of TanTan is that 90% of the girls cannot write in English. Haven't used it in Beijing or Shanghai for the moment.
Good thing is that in three weeks I got 1500 likes and over 100 matches in 4 cities.

At least two of those girls are cool by the way. One told me that her husband is in fake business trip in Thailand for fucking prostitutes and she wants to have fun too, I answered with me it's free, said she might still probably offer me lunch. And she is gorgeous. I am going to have a good time in Northeast China over the next month. Glad I got into pipelining.

[Image: 166285Screenshot20170414090655.png]

I liked the fact she wrote "Make Love", makes it look so much more romantic
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I get those on Tinder. It's a scam.
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  • TigerT
I probably will stay with the "normals" ones anyway. I will have limited time in the big cities so I won't take any risks of getting into trouble with one of those "Love makers". One quality date and night with a fun girl is far more valuable to me than a hello-fuck-bye
Yeah easy girls are fun Wink , but that's a scam
I am not talking about this kind of fun. Talking about the student kind who keeps on asking me cute questions and think that hearing me speaking chinese is the most awesome thing in the world.
I've gotten girls on tinder who just basically ask if I want to fuck all over the world. Slutz is everywur deez dayz.
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(02-23-2017, 09:23 AM)20Nation Wrote: I have some time so i'll do a little guide on the situations you should know

Things you should know while doing tinder game:

1) how big the pool of girls is 
It changes what type of strategies you will do. If you are in a place with tons of girls, you don't want to waste too much time focusing on a few when your return on investment will be higher, just finding a girl who has already decided she is interested in you. If it's a small poool of girls you need to be charming and interesting and focus on a few at a time. You have to do this so that you dont exhaust the number of girls.

2) what types of game they respond well too
In some places, girls respond best to humor game. In other places, it's all about throwing out DHVs. There are many types of game that girls in different places respond to, you must find out for the place you are at.

3) what your value is
Knowing what your value is originally should dictate your strategy. That's because (if you already have high value), you can be aloof and get her chasing. But if you don't have high value, acting aloof will just mean getting no pussy.

4) what types of things do they find attractive in men
Some girls are from societies where money is very important, so you want to show it in your pictures or conversations. Some people are from societies where traveling the world is what is attractive. Some people are from socieities where sport is looked on as the most attractive thing you can be doing. Some girls will have their minds blown to see a picture with snow in it (tropical places), some girls will have their minds blown when they see a stunning tropical place (girls from cold places espeically while its winter). 

5) are there tons of guys passing through or is it rare
This dictates what you will say when they ask how long you are staying. If there are tons of guys who pass through, you always want to say you are living there. If guys rarely pass through, its usually best to say you are just visiting for a few days because girls will go out of their way to meet you before you leave (compared to them procrastinating the meeting for a long time and maybe it doesnt end up happening). You can also do a hybrid which is saying you are visiting to decide if you want to live there.

Would be great if you could post some typical text convos. When i travel I use my tinder, get lots of matches, but struggle to get them to actually meet me. The hot ones will typically not invest at all in the conversation, and almost impossible to get them to do it...and as long as they don`t invest there is no point in asking for a date, as it won`t work. Some girl do seem interested, but when they find out I don`t live in the town it is over because then it is to obvious that I am just looking for hookup. I find it difficult, but certainly feel that i should not reveal that I am not living there...maybe give them some vague "visiting as I plan to move here/looking for work here" or something.

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