How To Find DTF Dominican and Colombian Girls Online
I've read many of the posts on here about meeting these girls but it seems many girls know guys are using thesites recommended to hook up with them.It seemed to me that many guys aren't even being smart about it they're just basically spamming girls and hoping to get a yes.I was wondering if anyone's done this recently and what are some tips for weeding out girls.
Almost all girls are dtf in Colombia in DR. But do you mean first date lay?
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First day would be ideal but I meant in general.I'm learning Spanish and I want to go to both later this year.I keep seeing people recommend these Cupid sites as a a way to make meeting girls faster but it seems like  guys are spamming every attractive chick to the point where they're calling out the hookup aspect in their profiles. Maybe I'm just being naive about it or I missed the boat when it was easier.
It is a numbers game, hence guys spam as many as they can
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when youre with a girl from a site or tinder, ask her to show you how many guys are talking to her. then you understand.

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