Best country to bang east asian girls?
I'm looking to plan a 2-3 week long trip this summer dedicated exclusively to seducing Asian girls. I know everyone here says the Phillipines are the best for Asian girls, but they don't quite look like real Asian girls to me. I'm interested in girls that have the typical Asian look like Chinese girls, Japanese girls, Korean girls, and even Vietnamese girls. Which country would I have the easiest time banging these kinds of girls? Most of my game is online game, and I think I'm pretty good at it. I'm 6 foot tall, white, lean build, and I consider myself pretty attractive if that matters at all.

Taiwan would be my first choice. But, I assume you will have to put in some work in all the places ie go on a date.

Not a given to just invite 18-22 year old cuties straight to your house for a bang like in Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia.
lols @ "don't quite look like real Asian girls to me"

Definitely Taiwan. It's perfect for a 2-3 week trip. Longer than a couple months is too much IMO, but for 2-3 months you can go out every night and have a great time. Girls aren't super easy, but for a 2-3 week trip you shouldn't have an issue. Don't waste your time with online game there. If you go to Omni and Chess you shouldn't have issues getting a 6. If you get lucky you can get an 8. "Lucky" meaning if you're physically her type she'll sleep with you easily.

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