Question about the Cupid sites
Hey guys,

I will be quite soon be travelling to Asia and visiting possibly quite many countries. To my knowledge the Cupid sites like ThaiCupid, IndonesianCupid are pretty decent. Just wondering if it's possible to subscribe to one site and get access to all ones? Subscribing to all sites seems quite a lot of money. One month subscription is way more expensive than the longer ones. Are the Cupid sites best for dating or are there other same quality ones but cheaper?

Also I was wondering if the amount of matches listed on a page can be somehow increased?
Maybe a better approach is to open accounts on 7-8 most popular apps, they are all free to use, and to simultaneously try to make some connections. It works for me. Everytime, everywhere Smile
Or try some CL replacement sites (personal classifieds), and local printed classifieds, that option also can be very useful... Helped to me, many times Smile
ThaiCupid is complete trash.

The other ones are good to decent.

However, if you are just gonna be on short trips Tinder and Badoo will hold you over just fine.
Going the free route for dating websites is never a good idea. Whether it’s tinder, Badoo or a Cupid, huge advantages to paying
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Well I can only speak for the Philippines.
Cupid and dateinasia were mega easy to get tons of numbers, but the quality of the girls is low and from the feeling they're mostly from poor families (many don't have WhatsApp or even Viber). Maybe better when you're our of Manila...
Tinder was amazing. Put up three or four good photos (plus if you have blue eyes), write your height in the description and that you're moving to manila. Keep it simple.
All girls I met from tinder had a good education, were dressed well, clean, spoke good English and usually didn't need a second date to notch, what you wanna more?
Ah and bring something to manila which is expensive in the Philippines or typical for your country (chocolate or whatever) and tell her you have a "pasalubong" for her, perfect excuse to go to your room. Rest is on you (:
(11-27-2018, 05:25 AM)20Nation Wrote: Going the free route for dating websites is never a good idea. Whether it’s tinder, Badoo or a Cupid, huge advantages to paying

Is there a big difference in the quality of women though.I read and seen a couple reviews of the sites but they're most from 3 + years ago.
Guys, tell me, have you ever met hot Russian woman? I read on the forum about the different stories of Dating. That is intriguing. Actually, I'm a big fan of Cupid's websites and I like to have casual conversations and flirt.
Nah, you got to pay for each one and quite pricey too.
I can only speak from my experience using Chinacupid and Vietnamcupid but I had great results with Vietnamcupid. Chinacupid on the other hand...
Must be due to the gender imbalance but the quality is really bad, plus I had women that were 35+, some even 40+ messaging me lol. You can tell they are desperate to lock some guy down.

Depending on which country your visiting, the free options can be quite good like Tinder for Vietnam and Thailand. You don't really need a Vietnamcupid account for Vietnam unless your after relationships and better quality.

There is also the nearby me function in Wechat that you can use for free that I heard is good for China. I believe Line also has this feature that you can use for Thailand.
(11-27-2018, 05:25 AM)20Nation Wrote: Going the free route for dating websites is never a good idea. Whether it’s tinder, Badoo or a Cupid, huge advantages to paying

Tinder and badoo attract low value men who want free stuff.
Several girls showed me the messages they got on those apps and most dudes have abysmal game.
Girls get much less texts on cupid, and the majority are from older and divorced men. 
Cupid sites were always better for me than the free apps.
I don't doubt the Cupid sites work for some guys.It seems the quality in results they show isn't that great.It may be due to me not being a paid member but it seems from doing general time search that the better were on there months prior to many of the more specific searches.
Are these sites really worth it?
As someone with a lot of online dating experience all I have seen from these sites without paying are lower quality women and a small user base compared to tinder and other apps.

Maybe it is the fact that I'm in my 20s but for me Tinder will always be king in quality and after that I will sign up to some of the free sites as a bonus (badoo,okcupid, etc).

It just seems hard for me to imagine a 20 year old girl going on ThaiCupid or CountryCupid and signing up.

But please do correct me if I'm wrong or maybe it is age related ( I can see older women going for the cupid sites over Tinder).

For me it seems like CountryCupid sites usually have lower quality AND quantity of girls. With FB dating already arriving in the philippines and soon going to be available worldwide I think most of these sites will lose their userbase to facebook dating.

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