The 3 Approaches a Day Challenge Thread
Ok. So sounds like most people have failed the 3 a day challenge (except Dr.Doolitle). Myself included. The problem for me was basically that for me to find 3 super hot (I only want to approach special girls because meeting bangable girls online is cake), was very difficult unless I spent like 4 hours a day walking around. So... I suggest we change it.

The Challenge:
One a approach a day. For as many days in a row as you can. The idea of the challenge is to see who can do at least 1 approach a day for the most days in a row. There is no excuse for any of us not to find one girl to approach a day.

How I'm doing so far:
I have been approaching, even if it hasn't been 3 a day. The quality has been excellent. I've now gotten 2 days in a row with an approach, so I'm currently at 2. I'll do what I can to get one a approach a day no matter what.

The first girl of my 2 in a row was at the place I was eating. I just started talking her then went for contact info. She wasn't really interested.
The second was yesterday and I saw a girl walking towards me from far away. I positioned myself to end up walking next to her and asked her for directions. She agreed to actually take me to the place (a vitamins store). Then, I got her contact info. 18 years old and seeing her tomorrow afternoon.

Hope some of you guys rejoin in on the challenge.
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got to 4 days in a row then felt sick. It's not a good excuse but whatever. Starting all over again. Going to go for a week in a row this time.
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I'll contribute to this

(Pics included)

Disclaimer: there are some fictional elements to this story added for entertainment. Whiteknightrises never consumes drugs or does anything illegal nor would ever condone doing such things. 20 can attest - Whiteknightrises is the definition of straight-edge. Please don't take this post as advice or anything of the sort; it is purely entertainment. Please no sue

1 day approach on a cutie
Plan to meet her later that night
Decide to flake on her cuz some girl said she would come straight over
Girl never comes straight over
Can't contact girl i daygamed cuz she has no data for Whatsapp
Go out with gay roommate
Another girl I met a few weeks back shows up
Party til 7 am
We came back to the apartment and all got extremely not sober
Gay roommate winged the shit out of me
I banged
Now its 8:30 am and I'm going to sleep
** Woke up at 5pm, FML

~ Story ~

Was walking to the gym today and before I was about to cross the street, noticed a cute girl in a leather jacket, slim and petite - usually how I like em

I coulda swore she was kinda looking back at me but I'm beta so I didn't do anything

We were walking for a few blocks and finally as I was about to round the corner to go to the gym I was like "hola, como estas" (hi, how are you) - I'm in Colombia, they speak Spanish

She took out her headphones and we started talking. I told her I was about to hit the gym and she said she was actually looking to join one so she ended up coming with me to the gym to check it out

I asked her she what she was doing and she said she had just eaten lunch. I asked her what she had and she said sushi. I thought that was a sign she might like Asia/Asian people (I'm Asian) but then again, all bitches like sushi. (She probably does like Asian people because she showed up on the Line app - Whatsapp for Japanese, Thai, etc. Gonna meet her tonight hopefully)

Anyway, I tell her that we should get a drink sometime and she's like yea why not. I grab the number and work out.

Later after I eat and stuff, we're texting and I say let's meet at 9:30. She agrees and I get ready to meet this girl:

[Image: gxSfXYz.jpg]

But then I get a text from a girl saying that she'll come straight over. I had never met her in real life until that point (either she added me on Facebook or I did - from a group very niche-specific to me), but I figured that I would go for the sure thing:

[Image: eySPr5f.jpg]
(Pretty cute)

She says that she's gonna be a bit late - 11 o'clock. I was kind of pissed about that because it was Saturday and I wanted to get the night going but I waited since I figured I'd be getting my cock sucked right away.

11 rolls around and there's just radio silence - no messages, no nothing. I figure whatever, it's Colombia, they have no sense of time here.

I give her a call and she doesn't pick up; finally at at like 11:40 or so she calls me. I ask her what's going going and she says that she's "sick" and can't come anymore. I was pretty pissed - obvious bullshit - and hang up mid-call. The annoying part was that that could have ruined my night because I couldn't contact the daygame girl at that point because she had no data and her sister (she gave me her sister's number to contact her) wasn't looking at her messages.

My roommate, who is gay, invites me to go to a nearby gay bar with him and his friend, so I decided to go since all my plans fell through and drown away my sorrows in some cheap bar while gay dudes dance up on each other around me.

At the bar I started lighting up every bangable girl on my phone and one says that she's coming (and by I'm coming now that meant I was waiting for like 30+ minutes at the bar haha).

~This girl I had met a few weeks back at a foreigner event, and we were getting along well that night. She's pretty attractive but at the end of the night, the guy I was with was like "uhh bro, are you sure she's not a hooker cuz her friend just asked me for money". I was like no way because I didn't get that vibe at all. But it ended up that she wanted money which was hilarious - there was really no signs of that all. She told that she was inexperienced and was doing it to pay for school (she goes to the most expensive school here). Anyway, I was like ok, next time let's meet but without anything about paying for sex, and she agreed.~ They call me the Whiteknight for a reason

She shows up with a friend, which I'm worried about since I have no wing (gay guys are good wings but at the end of the day they're not gonna bang the friend or anything).

Regardless, it was still fun and good vibes all around though. Colombian people are all pretty friendly and it's easy to talk, drink, etc. with them. I had to pick up the beers for the girls though, which is expected here (not bad or anything though since the prices are still those of a 3rd world country).

It was also kind of a trip because my girl and her friend were both into Korea (I'm Korean) to the point where her friend had a Korean ex, spoke some Korean, and even knew the Korean ambassador, by extension of knowing his son. I was like, bitch I'm Korean and I don't even know that guy! It turns out her friend was pretty well connected in general it seemed cuz we were planning to go another place later that night, which ended up being really upscale and exclusive.

After the first bar, we go to another place across the street, which is like more of a club with people dancing and stuff. I start dancing and making out with my girl and we were there until about 2:30 I think when the lights started coming on and the club got ready to close.

We leave the club and get a cab to go to the upscale club, which was in a rich part of town. This place was crazy - there was no sign outside and the place was completely soundproofed. When they opened the door to let us in, we suddenly got blasted by loud music, which was completely inaudible outside the club.

Inside was extremely fancy and you needed a reservation to get in. You could tell that we had just gone from the hood (not really but I live somewhere where it's more students and has a grungy vibe) to a rich people place - people were dressed well and looked like money. Also the girls were generally whiter (white people usually having more money) and a lot of them had fake tits, fake ass, fake nose, etc, aka that shit not cheap.

Anyway, we got a bottle of tequila (FML - but tequila has a different buzz, like more energy, which was good since I hadn't slept much the night before) and the club started getting packed around 3:30~4:00 - I've been to a few clubs like this in Colombia - people just go for the afterparty.

We started slamming tequila shots and the music was really good. We were dancing upstairs and you could see how packed it was downstairs - like sardines in a can.

[Image: 4BhWdIm.jpg]

Anyway, me and the chick are dancing, making out, etc. and I'm like, after this, we're going to my place, so she knew what was up. She was like ok but didn't want to leave until later when the club closed (6). These people fucking love to party, I haven't gone to sleep before 6am for a few days now

Finally, the club lights come on and it starts closing. I had been eyeing another girl that night who was just so sexy to me. Nice face, 1 or maybe more tasteful tattoos, slim/petite but with body in the right places. I told my gay roommate I liked her and I told the group to wait for me as I went back to try and stealth approach this chick.

I try to be slick and slip her a piece of paper with my name and number on it and then leave with the group. There was some miscommunication with my roommate because he got me to go back upstairs with him, where the sexy girl was, and we basically did the piece of paper thing again, and I briefly introduced myself but didn't have a conversation after that, probably not gonna be getting a text from her anytime soon because the second approach was overdoing it and "beta" (e.g. just said nice to meet you and nothing else because I was pretty twisted at that point).

We finally leave and get a cab back to my apartment. My girl was being gay and trying to not come back with me. I wasn't having any of that shit since I had just spent an entire night with her so that I could get some pussy at the end.

Her friend was cool about it and my gay roommate and his friend were both winging the shit out of me so it was just her being a cockblock. We got a small bottle of aguardiente around the corner and go up to my apartment where we maybe have like one shot of the "guaro" and by we I mean just me cuz everyone's always trying to get me fucked up here

I roll a joint of natural medicine and we start smoking in my room. My roommate's friend and the girl's friend are both passed the fuck out so my gay roommate, my girl, and I are smoking and we get super baked.

Then of course we smoke another one.

My girl wants to leave with her friend and I say that I'll call her friend an Uber but that she can't go yet.

The Uber comes and the first actually cancels because I'm arguing with my girl for a few minutes trying to get her to fuck me. After the second comes, I talk to her friend and I'm like look friend, it's ok with you if your friend stays for a bit and "talks" with me right? She's like, whatever you guys want - she was cool about it but didn't want to enable my girl's "slut behavior" if that makes any sense.

Anyway, the friend says to my girl "think about it well" which is apparently really funny in Spanish and I take this opportunity to get the friend in the cab and say bye as everyone is laughing. At that point, it's just me, my girl, and my roommate (who was an awesome wing - I was way too faded to handle the logistics as well as he did - he's a really good guy and super social) - my roommate's friend had gone back as well.

We go back upstairs and my roommate goes to his room so that it's just me and my girl in the room. I was pretty pissed how much she had been fucking with me up until that point, as in almost not giving up the pussy haha. So we start going at it and it's very aggressive since I was kind of annoyed like I said.

After like 20-30 minutes I'm guessing, I finally bust because we are both exhausted, (drinking and smoking not good for the cardio gains).

Pics (kind of shitty but she noticed that I was trying to take creep pics haha):

[Image: LQZWM5Q.jpg]

[Image: l65IX5u.jpg]

[Image: Ccroho0.jpg]

I get her an Uber back but probably won't be hitting her up again anytime soon because she is a hooker and kind of annoying in the sense that she makes it harder than it has to be (so many sexy girls here so who cares - "abundance mentality") even if she is attractive.

Anyway, I tried writing this after the bang but basically passed out with my laptop at like 8:30am. FML because I woke up at 5pm, which ruined any plans of going to museums and stuff during the day haha

In sum, VIVA COLOMBIA BUT FUCK there is too much fiesta!!!

Until next time,

This thread died off too soon. I was interested to read you day gamer's stories.

Seems I've had a lot of golden opportunities lately, but I'm too much of a pussy on most days. Even knowing (from past experience) that nothing bad ever happens. Approaching women is truly a high reward / low risk activity.
There was a period from 2015 - late 2016 when me and my wing (met on a pickup forum and now he's one of my best friends) were going out 3-4 days a week doing multiple day game approaches mostly at Sydney University and some malls.

I met some ridiculously stunning girls doing it but to be honest, here in Sydney its hard to say its worth your time. Ive read multiple articles about how hard it is here and they are correct. After experiencing the sweet, caring and just simply awesome Filipinos, Australian girls just aren't that appealing anymore.

I actually met this girl who was the girlfriend of one of my friends and she was disgusting. Not only physically but she was a self-entitled, bitchy narcissistic idiot with whom so many girls here fall under the category of. The craziest part, as I was leaving some of my other mates said what a good looking girl she was! WTF! I was thinking if only you fucking idiots knew what was out there. (one is actually married to a fat bitchy girl who is a nightmare to be around and I feel sorry for him).

So I'm more in the mindset of work and save and get the fuck out of here instead of wasting my time going out to do day game here. Maybe my mind will change but like I've said in previous posts, those Philippines trips I recent took have changed my entire outlook on life.

It was truly a life changing experience thats shown what I really deserve. Sadly the guys I know will settle for these types of girls and its sad.

Having said that, if I'm out and I see a cute girl I will still approach to keep my game tight. I really want to do some in Philippines in May too.
I got to 5 days in a row approaching. Got some quality girls. Going to Barranquilla soon and going to pick it up again.
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