The 3 Approaches a Day Challenge Thread
So I am currently in Colombia and loving it. I'm getting good quality from online game, but I know I am passing up chances with really hot girls because the great online dating environment makes me complacent. But it's no excuse, I need a bit of a kick in the ass to get out there and approach even while i'm getting laid all the time thanks to instangram and online dating. So I'm going to do 3 approaches a day for 5 days a week. The idea isn't to spam approach, but to only approach the prettiest girls I end up seeing every day. My goal is to get back into the habit of never letting a really hot girl go unapproached.

I want you guys to join in:
I want as many forum members to join in on the 3 approaches a day challenge. It's good for you and we can hold each other accountable if we don't do it.

The Commitment:
3 approaches a day for 5 days in a week.

What is an approach?:
Approaching a girl you don't know in any setting (in person) and asking her for contact information.

What to do at the end of each week:
Post your experience with your minimum of 15 approaches with the forum. Brag about your approaches with the rest of the forum. Then, get ready to see if you can do it again the next week.

The consequence for failure:
This is what I'm not sure about yet and want feedback on. I was thinking about a couple ideas:
1)Write a 500 word post on how lame you are for not finishing your 3 approaches a day challenge for the week.
2) We start a little donation fund and if you don't make your commitment you have to pay X amount of money. At the end of the month I an use the the money to do something funny or interesting for the forum (ie: use it on a blowup doll and tell a girl I want a threesome with the doll and her and take some pics). 
3) Open for more ideas on this.

When I will start: 

Purpose of the Challenge:
To get into a habit of approaching hot girls all the time, which will end up improving your sex life and overall happiness.

What do you guys think? Any Ideas?

And... most importantly... who will join me?
Ok. So sounds like most people have failed the 3 a day challenge. Myself included. The problem for me was basically that for me to find 3 super hot (I only want to approach special girls because meeting bangable girls online is cake), was very difficult unless I spent like 4 hours a day walking around. So... I suggest we change it. 

The Challenge: 
One a approach a day. For as many days in a row as you can. The idea of the challenge is to see who can do at least 1 approach a day for the most days in a row. There is no excuse for any of us not to find one girl to approach a day. 
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I remember in Manila I saw a 9 walking around in the mall and since I was getting laid so much the drive to do it was completely non-existent. I ended up feeling a lot of regret afterwards which is the worst feeling in the world.

Day game is the single most empowering thing a guy can do. Even if you get rejected 50 times in a row it’s so beneficial to your inner game.

I’ll try and do it too.
Challenge accepted. 

And mind you gentleman I'm currently marooned in the upper midwest where the average female BMI is 32.
I've got a decent set of regulars atm and online has been kind to me as well, but I get much more satisfaction from a day game girl than another tinder notch. I need to make this into a habbit again > Im in!

I like the donation fund idea to keep yourself accountable. It can be used for the forum or donated by vote to the best contribution in this thread after x weeks (e.g. hottest girl or craziest story related to this challenge).
In Santa MArta Colombia now, and generally disappointed by myself. Not getting much from online as I might not have good textgame. Been here 3 weeks now without opening much on daygame, tiny bit on nightgame. I need a wing to physically push me, but will take this thread as second best. Today I saw a beautiful girl at the beach enjoying the sunset alone.I did not approach. Then I saw a blod girl with massive tits, walking the beach alone, did not approach. Then a hot colombiana on the street, did not approach. And feel so shit about it.

I will start tomorrow. 3 approaches. 3 motherfucking approaches, I have to do it so help me god.
Gt laid from colombian instagram, how the fuck do you do that!
Love the idea, hate the timing.

In China, it's currently Spring Festival/ Chinese New Year and all the good looking ones are either gone back to their hometown, playing card at home with friends or doing shopping with their grand-parents. When it's finished, it will be my busiest time of the year work wise. After mid-March, I am in.
An example of why I hate the USA. 

I drove almost a fucking hour through the plains of Minnesota to meet a girl I met on Tinder. She was a sexy doctor from China. About 5'nothing with big tits--just my style. in person she exceeded her pictures, but just dull as dirt. She kept saying she had nothing to talk about because all she does is work, as if its a mark of pride. Even bragged she has no furniture because she never sits down. Blah blah.  Whatever.  So in the spirit of the challenge I score some digits off the waitress (who had been giving eyes) when my girl goes to the bathroom. When I go to the bathroom the fucking waitress tells my date I got her number. Wtf... there's something seriously wrong with this damned country, and it aint just our gun laws.
Not bad, 6 ish people participating. Looking forward to the reports on it. Anybody with ideas on what we should do if we fail our week?

Yeah Kpop I do not envy you. Not a great return on investment spot.
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Saturday 17.2 Santa MArta

Girl 1:   At the beach. Walk past pretty tourist girl tanning alone. Sit down far away, and stare, and think about how much I suck. New tourist girl comes along and lie down alone. I move all my stuff and lay down next to her, opening her by asking hr to watch my stuff while I swim(a genuine concern). After that I exchange pleasantries for 30 min, try to invite her to parties, get number etc, but a bit weak so does`nt work. Had to leave as I was meeting an Ok Cupid girl. Meet Cupid girl, take her straight home and fuck.Horrible horrible sex, as she has the same deep social conditioning that most colombianas seem to have, and is really uncomfortable, despite asking me to fuck her.

Did`nt do more during day, but opened a bunch at night. The ones that stand out where:

Girl 2:  Local girl at party hostel. She is alone in the bar, so easiest girl to open(which I go for). She instantly reacts really positively. We hang out for 1,5 hours. All in spanish. My game is weak,even in english,but in spanish I cannot joke,tease or be very fun, but she seem to like me. We are making out, grinding, holding hands. I try to get her home a few times, seems to comply,then goes back. She asks me to buy her a beer, when I bring it back she asks me to change it to a more expensive import beer. I don`t like it, but do it.  Then 15 min. later she asks me to buy her a coctail. I am not comfortable with this, because I know buying drinks to girls is weak,specifically ones asking for it. She sees my discomfort and buys her own drink. We keep grinding,and 20 min. later she wants another drink, this time I buy her one.
I go to talk with my friend to tell him goodbye as I am sure to be pulling this chic home, but when I come back to her 2 min later she acts like I don`t exsist. I feel shitty as I though she actually liked me. Then 5 minutes later she is alone in the bar again, and 5 minutes after that she is making out with another dude that opened her. Bitch. I learned; not to buy drinks to girls, and not to make out too much in bars, but save it till I can get her home.

girl 3:Small blond venezuelan chic on dancefloor. Big tits. Open her, and she opens really well, we dance and grind ++. She introduces me to her friends ; 2 massiv big guys. After enquiring her about what she does, and not getting clear answers I realise she is most likely a Pro..and those guys are her pimps. I know they are pimps, was just not sure if hers.

Then me and my friend goes to the shadiest local bar, with all local people. Probably about 20 whores, 2 of which were walking around naked in the bar, and coke everywhere. I avoided all temptation and went home after a while.
Sunday 18.2

girl 1:  Went to the beach to study spanish. Same as yesterday, see really hot brunette. Lay next to her, ask her to watch my stuff when I swim, and keep talking when I return. She was actually a really beautiful english girl. I also met her friend, both seemed to like me. Unfortunately they had checked out of their hotel and was waiting for flight in the evening. I spent about 5 hours with her, took her from the beach to a place where we had dinner. Tried to take her home, but kinda hard since she had a flight in a short time. In retrospective should really have moved the set forward much faster, but I had my everlasting problem which is being the nice guy,and not really showing intention. I should have just done anything to pull her from the beach to home, they were actually talking about how they wished to have a shower, and I offered them to hang in my apartment,but did`nt push it enough!  Got her contacts so hope to bang next time I go to London. [Image: 24nmzrs.jpg]

Girl 2:  Was a rooftop bar, open, smalltalk. She seems distant, I sense she is not interested. 2 minutes later boyfriend shows up.

Girl 3:  2 older woman(40+) show up near the bar where me and my friend are hanging out. One is like circling around me,accidentally touching me and all sorts, so takes me literally no effort to open. But I am however more interested in the friend,whcih is hotter and much bigger tits. But mine is all over me, so kinda easy.
As bad luck would have it I introduce my friend to the hotter one, and she speaks no english,and he no spanish. I speak okeish spanish,and my girl speaks english, so would have been better if we changed girls.
So same story as yesterday; girl really interested in me, grinding,making out, she even told that she had a beach house closeby,and would show it to me later. I was thinking I would just go with it. She is not particularly hot, and bigger tummy than I like..but DTF...know it is a bad attitude,but sometimes I just wanna fuck..whatever..
Then she goes like the one yesterday; "I want a bla bla bla drink with 12 year old whisky". I`m just like, no thanks, I`m not drinking tonight. So she buys her own drink, and runs away with the friend. I really don`t even give a fuck...I`m kinda glad even that I did`nt sacrifice my integrity to fuck this chic.
On a sidenote: WTF is wrong with colombian chics??  Why are they so desperate to get guys to buy them drinks, and why do they loose all interest when I don`t play that game?  I would have been pissed off if this girl was hot.
well its a combination of things.

Sometimes they are poor, usually they think if youre foreigner you have money, their culture usually man pays everything, and also they can be bitches as in any country.

I think is about balance... Just offer a beer, not expensive, youre leading, see response...

ok lets do this game
Nice reports Dr. Doolitle. Starting off strong. Like the pictures in the post. Never spent much time dating in Santa Marta. I always wondered how hard it was compared to other coastal cities.

Well, today I begin. About to walk to the mall now and begin some approaches.
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Took short trip out of my reports and my apartment yesterday for going to a big supermarket across town... Didn't see one girl to open in the street, all the good ones were with family.... Cannot wait for Spring Festival holiday to end
Just for sport I got a couple numbers off some slobs at a gas station. They were friends and super surprised when I started chatting them up at the gas pump. Got both their numbers and they said they want to party this weekend.. oh god.. there's not enough doritos in the world for these two....
Ok so i have to admit I have been slacking. I've done some approaches but not 3 a day. The only good thing I can say is that I have a date with a smoking hot girl thanks to some of those approaches. And, I have only approached the hottest girls I saw. Which was the point of it all. Anyways, I'm going to start doing it for real soon.

Another quick question. Does anybody have a good indirect approach when you are on the way to the gym (all in gym clothes etc.).
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Yeah I'm slacking too but have got at least one in a day. Should we drop it to one/day and bonus points for 1+

I assume you mean walking to the gym and are asking because its hard to pretend like you're lost if you clearly have a destination in mind?  I say fuck it. Pretend like you're trying to find a gym to join (because obviously you just moved to town) and thought there must be one close by. Stupid is never a problem.

We don't talk much about the potential of public transport. ALWAYS scan for the hottest chick with an open seat next to her upon entering a bus or train. You immediately have a captive audience. If she's on her phone, interrupt her. There's always an excuse to open when traveling. On planes, I also always scan for hot chicks upon entering the plane, and then get up and look for open seat next to her once airborne. Just make something up for being next to her--wanting an aisle or window or some shit. I've pulled several girls from planes straight back to my place/hotel. Sharing cabs from airports is also money. Never waste these golden opportunities.
(02-22-2018, 05:46 PM)20Nation Wrote: Ok so i have to admit I have been slacking. I've done some approaches but not 3 a day. The only good thing I can say is that I have a date with a smoking hot girl thanks to some of those approaches. And, I have only approached the hottest girls I saw.  Which was the point of it all. Anyways, I'm going to start doing it for real soon.

Another quick question. Does anybody have a good indirect approach when you are on the way to the gym (all in gym clothes etc.).

Just roll up like you know her already..

"Yo, we go to the same gym, right? You're not working out today?" Once she likely replies No... .. "oh I'm embarrassed now.. I could have sworn we were going to the same place... blah blah blah.. 


I'm a total bitch at day game, but I always just open that we have a commonality.. to which the answer is always no, and I just blabber on from there... 

Yo, we live in the same apartment building right? No?, you look just like the lady on XX floor.. are you sure? geez I'm embarrassed now.. blah blah blah... 

If she's really hot I just go in and say in a quiet, curious tone.. "You look like a famous actress? Are you on TV or something?" Never had a yes response but can always just play with their no response..  "c'mon you definitely are.. I won't tell anyone..." "Oh I was going to ask if I could take a selfie with you.. etc. etc. blah blah blah.. 

But again.. I'm a bitch at day game.. 3 approaches a day -- can't imagine...
Done/ Tried to do some day game on Saturday. Didn't turn as well as I hoped.
I did my classic lazy tactic first: Sitting at Starbucks and studying Chinese and asking for help about how to read difficult characters. In general, I have mostly alone girls coming to sit around me, but that's during weekdays outside of holidays. Saturday was crowded as hell, mostly groups, some families, so it wasn't ideal.
Then I made the mistake of passing on two decent looking ones (one of which was with a friend also), hoping I would find better after.  Should not have. I ended up going for 3/4 approaches on girls that will be ranked as high-average for two, a low average for one, better than this for one but married:

-First one, using the Chinese study method. She turns out to be very annoying and self-centered so it turned me off very quickly. Got her wechat but didn't speak since then.

-The second and third one, in the park. Two women, mid-30s but classy. One is good looking, the other one less but decent (probably too much make-up didn't help).I asked for help for holding my camera (I was taking pictures of birds- the kind with feathers if you wonder) as I am taking things out of my backpack. Start talking, they turned out to be Korean housewives so I gave up quickly.

-Fourth one on the bus. Lucky to find a seat at the back before most people get on and usually old people don't go to the back. Sweet but shy/boring one. I did the "I can speak Chinese but I cannot read it, can you help me?". "I want to go to this shopping center but how do you write it"... Very simple game to see if I get something back without making to much of an effort. She was responding well in general so continue talking. Got her Wechat also after twenty minutes (thanks to the traffic) and got off before her. She speaks decent English but I have a big problem to make the discussion interesting with her as it turns out to be simple questions and I am failing at building anything interesting. She goes back to her university in Tianjin at the end of this week. I honestly cannot imagine making anything happen by then. 

Voilà. Not a big success, more like the first workout you do in a while. It was honestly difficult to find girls to be classified as "the prettiest you see every day".
Tiger thanks. Sometimes it is the mundane that helps us face reality. I have been in countless similar situations. BUT... 1 out of 10 i way better than 0 out of 0.  Keep playing or stop slaying.
I have been falling out of the challenge. I guess I don`t really feel any accountability,other than to myself(which should be more important than anything..). I have however been meeting new girls daily,and usually done 1 approach daily.

Beach approaching has yet again been my salvation. And I found a new beach in Taganga which has an insane amount of hot, single tourist chics. I can imagine no better situation than girl who has no friends, and is bored. Only disadvantage is that she might be meeting up with me to have a new friend,not cause she is attracted.
[Image: 2yobzn5.jpg]
Girl 1 :   So after lying down too far from beautiful girl,and not daring to approach her earlier this day I had learned my lesson. I lay down right next to an incredibly hot,blonde girl .Ususally I just read,and write for 20 min before approaching when I go to swim; asking her to watch my stuff. this time the girl actually opened me after 5 min asking me about my spanish stuff(i still count it as an approach as I facilitated the situation).  We talk for a few hours, get along very well. I leave to go home, and we make plans to meet up a few hours later to dance salsa. In the evening,around 10.30 pm I meet up with her, and the salsa clubs ar all dead. So she says we should go back to her place to leave her mobile. So we get to her place; a big empty house where she is renting a bedroom. She shows me the rooftop, and the living room, and I put on some Kizomba and show her some moves. I am looking for IOI`s, but not really seeing none. Feel it is uncalibrated to escalate, so don`t kiss or nothing.
In retrospective: WTF IS WRONG WITH ME??  how could I miss out on this chance; hot girl takes me to "show me" her home, and I don`t escalate. I should have kissed, sexualized stuff, something!! 
So we go back to the street, go to meet a friend of mine. Turns into an epic night of tequila,cerveza,coke,weed, bailamos ++... but night ends with me and the girl going to a rooftop rave party. Even there I did`nt escalate, and she told me she was gonna leave. I offered to follow her home, she declined. She would rather walk through some seriously dangerous Taganga backalleys then spending more time with me,or giving me a chance to weasel into her place. I guess her attraction for me at this point is about minus 10, just from me being a pussy. I need to be more sexual. Problem is she was a 9,5 to me...and I ususally don`t get chics that hot, and every time I have a chance I play it so safe that any form of attraction is lost.

Girl 2:  at a point during the night I left my group and found an italian girl with the most massively gigantic sillicon boobs I have ever been close to, and a really revealing dress. We get into some filosofical discussion about how everyone should do what they want to do, and be true to their desires. It taks every bit of my self control to look in her eyes.  Eventually I loose her, and I was not true to my desire to kiss her.

Girl 3:  Today(sunday) I go back to the heavenly beach in Taganga. I lay down to a hot girl, but spend to long time to open her(20 min) so by the time I am ready to go swimming and ask her to watch my stuff she is getting dressed to leave. She was a 8,5 at least. There is a hot girl like 50 meters away, but the beach is crowded. She is hoooot,like 10/10.   She has already seen me, so makes no sense for me to walk over with my stuff and ask her to watch it, as there are lots of people next to me. I am contemplating a direct opener, but that scares me shitless. I KNOW I am gonna hate myself if I don`t open. It takes me about an hour(haha) to work up the courage, but eventually I just take my bag,puts it next to her and ask her to watch it "because she looks so thrustworthy" . That seems to work very well,she is smiling. So when I come out of the water I move my towel next to her. She opens well, and talks alot about her travlels and stuff. We talk for about 2 hours and share a taxi back to town. I invited her out to dance tonight, but she could`nt today, so will meet hr tomorrow night. I`m pretty proud of this one.

PROBLEM with these sets is that I have close to no flirting skills, or ways of showing intent, man-to-woman and sexualising the at this moment she sees me as friendly guy from the beach,not as potential fuckboy. I read about a dousin book on this, but still fail to show intent in convos. Just too much small talk, no tension. I know  eye contact and kino is important,and try to do it, but verbals are purely logical.  Any advice guys?  Things to do to show intent, questions for sexualising and show you want her ?

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