Advise and recommendations in visiting Vietnam
Hello Swoopers 

its been long time since i traveled to the pussy pradaise conutries, for the moment i am planning for business trip maybe a week to Hanoi. i would to get some advises and recommendations in everything there espcially how to pipeline girls. my first time there and i would love to a daily flag. 

pobably i will be there the first week of Feb if anybody traveling want to meet? 

There's already a massive thread on Vietnam. You can probably find answers here.
vietnam isnt really a daily flag type country
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If you want to fuck daily you'll probably have better luck sticking with the same chick for the whole trip. I'm black so things could be different for white guys, but I found most Vietnamese girls to be largely unimpressed by a foreign passport. Can't comment on pipelining but when you get there try to meet ex-pats as that way you're more likely to find girls who want to hang out with foreigners and not girls who are pros or just work with foreigners
black or white it doesnt matter they are racist all the same.... just kidding

wouldnt exactly call them racist, but ya there isnt as much mingling between the locals and tourists there like the more well known SEA pussy paradises
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