Security privacy of personal data while traveling.
Hey guys, So I was wondering how would you operate when traveling around in the following scenario.

What's is the best way to store ''private'' photos/videos? I rather not use an external hdd as I can lose it easily, so I was thinking to upload to the cloud, like Mega. Would It be better to use own laptop to upload it through wifi or put the sd card in computer in an internet cafe for faster speeds (which I rather not do due to security issues).

Any tips and tricks are welcome, let's make this the general digital/electronics safety security thread.
You can check out this free software You can create encrypted folders on your computer. This is the best way to keep things private if your worried about others hacking you and spying on your stuff.
I use backblaze. I have tons of stuff that would suck to lose if I lost my laptop. It's peace of mind for me. And I believe it's used by a lot of big companies, I think I have good privay there.
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Awesome tips! Now I got a encrypter and a cloud service.

How about safety when going out on trips. I read that those lockers and safes in hostels and hotels are easily opened by hotel staff and not safe at all. So for example; I stay in manila and would like a trip to palawan for a week. Should I find a storage service or something similar in Manila and put my important shit (passport,laptop, bankcards etc) there?
Are there alternatives to this method for safety?
bring your passport and bank cards with you

been traveling for many years and stayed in many hotel/apartele types and never had anything stolen by hotel staff

certainly anything could happen, but it isnt something you should overly concern yourself with, the main thing people will look to steal if given the chance is cash so dont carry much with you, try and find an ATM card you can travel with that doesnt charge fees for withdrawals in foreign countries (ie schwab if you are american)

also maybe tell hotel or serviced apartments you dont want daily cleaning, and try to be in the room when the cleaning ladies come if you are really worried about it
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Since I have Android phones, I use Google Photos as my cloud for pictures and video. Currently have it set to backup pictures over mobile data, and video over WiFi only (to save on mobile data charges). When I go to another country, I disable background data on my phone, to further save my mobile data for messaging, directions, Ubers, emergencies, etc.

As for my Windows laptop, I have two accounts on it. One is a guest account, which I use whenever my gf is around, and another is a pin-protected account, which I do anything personal on.

As an American, I carry my passport book with me (in case authorities ask), but leave my passport card in my room (so if I lose my passport book, it's at least easier to get another passport book, usually two weeks at the nearest embassy).

I don't carry much cash with me. I use my Capital One credit card most often (great exchange rates), but if I need cash, I use my Charles Schwab card to withdraw in the local currency (also great exchange rates).

I usually stay at AirBnBs when traveling, but in any case, I've never had anything stolen while abroad.
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Saturday night in copa me and a friend got robbed by two guys with a broken bottle and some knife. they took 200 usd from my friend and his phone. I had no money only cards but they really wanted more, I was lucky that the only pocket they didnt tried had my phone in it..

He wasnt that worried about his "private pictures" so we kept partying

I use Icloud with a backup but not for the photos or videos. Usually I just delete the ones I dont post so...

If you have sensitive data or accounts, use google 2fa and BACKUP ON PAPER!

preyproject lets you track your stolen computer, take photos or even delete everything.
set up a virtual hard disk with veracrypt on your google drive. Type password and mount when needed.
Even if your account or pc gets compromised noone will have access unless you didn't unmount or shutdown. And coz of google drive you;ll never loose it when your device breaks or gets stolen.
I use google photos and last pass. Regarding physical items I like to keep about $100 cash and a back up debit card either locked in the room or stashed in my belongings in case my wallet is stolen. I also try to remember a laminated copy of my passport and also email that along with my license to myself. I haven't really had issues with theft in hostels or hotels. Lock your shit up, don't be flashy and don't take things you don't want to lose.

For electronics if I'm at a hostel with no safe, I'll usually put all electronics in a sac and sleep with them next to me. I also tend to put my wallet in the pillow case or in the zipped pocket of my shorts while I sleep.

When using wifi networks that I don't own I prefer a vpn when at all possible. Even if you use a vpn it's a good idea to check your account pretty regularly.

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