Want Your Game to Be Congruent? Think: "Life is Awesome"
Do you feel fake running Game? Like you're being a clown for girls?

Chances are, it's because at your core, you're not a happy person.

But what do you have to be unhappy about?

If you could do something about it, you'd change it. And if it's something you can't change, it makes no sense to think about it and be unhappy.

Still thinking about it? That means your identity and ego are tied to it. Cutting yourself off from it would be like cutting yourself off from your identity and ego. Many would rather physically die than let this connection go.

Did you read that last sentence? As in really understand it? What I just said is that this connection would be the death of you. One way or another, this unhappiness is going to prevent you from living the life you want.

So, how do you separate yourself from your identity and ego? Simple - let them go. Focus on something else, even as simple as your breathing, for as long as you can, if only for a moment. Things you can focus on other than breathing include lifting, gaming girls, working - pretty much anything that requires your concentration.

The next time you find yourself unhappy, see if you can shift your focus away. It's like anything else - you'll only get good with practice.

Once you're good, you'll realize, "life is awesome." Not necessarily in a woo party way, but at least in a more contented way.

At that point, your Game will be much more congruent - clown no more.

Inspiration for this post came from the book, "The Power of Now," by Eckhart Tolle. It's a long-winded slog at times, but a good message.
Pick that book up a couple of months ago to put into my list of reading, Just started it this pass week.

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