SIM or egg wifi?
Hi! I'm arranging an Europe trip one month from now. I wanna go to Finland, UK, and Spain. I would prefer not to spend excessively on meandering. Does anybody have encounter utilizing an egg wifi some time recently?? Would it be able to cover diverse nations or do I have to change SIM cards?? Is it justified, despite all the trouble??

I will download the disconnected maps for my goals, and utilize wifi the inn gives. In any case, I likewise needed to have the capacity to have an association on the off chance that I need, and I would prefer not to depend on open wifi that requires an enlistment or need to spend a couple of bucks everytime I require wifi from a coffeehouse or something.
For me, I never did it in europe because its so easy to find wifi there. I think the eggs change from country to country, which could get annoying.
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While I can't say I've had the experience in Europe, when I travel in Japan and Korea I get the wifi eggs since there are times where I can't afford to lose wifi. Especially when linking up with someone you chatted up earlier in the day.

I would hope that the EU would have net companies that have wifi eggs that can be used across most the continent.
I've never used a WiFi Egg, but in the EU, all SIM-Cards normally work in all EU countries. They changed the law about this a few years ago. The amount of data and what you pay for it varies extensively by country though.

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