How are you doing approaches during Covid?
Are you only approaching maskless girls or girls who look like they wouldn't be alarmed if a stranger approached?

Ive been avoiding cold approach during pandemic but Im looking to resume later this summer
Where I live, mask-wearing is not legally compulsory outdoors, and I'd say less than 20% of the public do, mostly the elderly.

They're compulsory in indoor public buildings and public transport, although I've approached there a couple of times
You are coming about a year late mate. Nobody gives a damn anymore is my feeling. But go for girls without masks ideally - she might be crazy, and often when she takes it off, it is a disappointment lol
I was thinking maybe older women wear masks because they get approached more than without masks. When all that is done, they will resume their lives of being unnoticed, people looking not at them but through them.
The same as I have always done, walked up to them and said "Hello"
Behind the bushes and from a great distance
You could walk around with an open bottle of water and approach. At least they see your face

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