Elevator moment
Guys, I'm sure you also have all been through it. 

You are going to your place with a girl and you have a 30-60 second long elevator ride in front of you. 

Perhaps you have kissed the girl before, perhaps not and its the first date, perhaps its even a potential hookup from a night club. 

What are your experiences? Do you have your way of handling the situation? I'm sure every girl has had sexual elevator fantasies.

Share your experiences of wild make outs, awkward silences/rejections and crazy bangs  Big Grin
I love elevator game :-)

It's one the best parts of the evening when on a date.
I've lost count of the number of girls I've kissed - many for the first kiss - in the elevator. There's something sexy about it - knowing that there are security cameras in the elevator or the door could open at any time on the next floor whilst your tongue is down her throat.

I don't have a routine, and just go with the flow. If the date has been good (kino at the bar/restaurant, some hand holding etc) and we're heading up to my apartment/hotel-room, and there's no one in the elevator, then I will lean against one wall, give her the cheeky I-want-to-bang-you look and pull her towards me, grab her waist with one hand and hold her hand with the other and go for the kiss. Just a little 2-3 second kiss and allow her to step back a little into the centre of the elevator, if she's a little shy.

If I know she's totally into me, or I'm feeling more alpha, then in the elevator, I will push her against the wall, lean into her so that our thighs are touching and kiss more aggressively, whilst holding one of her hands high above her head, making her feel semi-trapped.

If there are other people in the elevator, I will exchange a cheeky smile, a wink, or hold her hand.

If there has been little kino up to this point, and the girl is a little reluctant/hesitant, if other people are coming in the elevator as well, then it's a great excuse to hold her hand and pull her towards me, or grab her waist, to make space for the new arrivals.

I've noticed that in some SEA countries where public displays of affection are not the norm, some girls won't even hold your hand whilst walking around, but as soon as you get in the elevator, they desperately want to be grabbed and snogged.

(Best kissing in elevator - Riga, in the Raddison Blu hotel. Had cocktails in the roof-top bar, had been flirting all evening, and she was responsive. On the way down, we were alone in the all-glass, outside elevators......beautiful evening, lights of the city twinkling outside, I pulled her over towards me and we kissed all the way down. She was an amazing kisser too. Then walked past the big Russian church nearby and snogged her by the wall there before heading back to my hotel in the centre with her. )
When I lived in NYC, the elevator in my condo had mirrored walls. I liked to stand behind my date and fondle her so she could watch hershelf being fondled in the reflection. I would also earn the respect of the doormen who were watching on the security camera.
I ask her to stand on the cross a meter away and respect social distancing

Good thread. Made me realize that my elevator game is non existent. Will try some moves next times

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