Should I entertain a girl who rejected me in the past?
Growing up I battled a great deal with weight, didn't have a manly mentor in my life, and had low confidence. This carried on all through secondary school I didn't have a lot of achievement with ladies. I once in a while dared to ask chicks out and when I did I got dismissed.

At the point when I got to school first year I really liked this young lady who truly utilized me for consideration. I didn't think a lot about connections, assumptions, nor did I have a solid ability to be self aware regard. This young lady educated me concerning her beau a month in the wake of driving me on yet I would attempt to sneak around with the possibility of "on the off chance that I stay nearby and she says a final farewell to him, I'll be next!" Stupid I know, yet at the time I didn't know better. In the long run she just began overlooking me and leaving me on read so I quit conversing with her.

Soon after that I got some mentorship and found myself as an individual after damn close to becoming penniless and my life changed. (This was around 3 years prior). I joined the Army National Guard, found a decent line of work in IT, I'm chipping away at my degree and I likewise have a YouTube channel that is doing well indeed. I additionally joined Crossfit and I'm truly content with my body without precedent for my life.

Presently half a month prior, that young lady I referenced before said a final farewell to her sweetheart and she began DMing me on Snapchat again out of nowhere. At the point when I make a few posts about my channel or me climbing she'll swipe up and she's been attempting to get me to go to her place for some wine or go to the recreation center.

Presently I wouldn't take her genuine regarding a relationship, yet would i be able to in any case screw her? Or on the other hand, would that be an absence of sense of pride in the event that I engage her at all? I've gotten with different ladies that are more alluring in the previous year however not going to lie I'd in any case be down to crush her haha. Fundamentally are chicks that bended you in the past NEVER on the rundown?
Just treat her like another lead.

Which means don't focus too much on her.

You're already getting better quality than her anyway.
If you haven't met anyone, I'll assume you're lying (h/t to Teedub from the old forum)
My response to the old "why you losers trash the West?"
Thanks for the feedback. She's messaged me again. I kept it short and ignored her.
Focus on finding other women. If you focus too much on her, you give her too much power, she occupies your mind and sooner than later it can lead to oneitis. Trust me, nobody wants oneitis.

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