where to go in june in europe?
hey guys I'm planning for eurojaunt for next summer.

so far as follows:

april - Poznan and Wroclaw
may- lviv
june ?
july - oslo
aug - split, zadar, Dubrovnik, budva, kotor, durres, Tirana.
sept - either minsk/Moscow/kharkiv + Dnipro

my question is where would you recommend in june in Europe for either daygame and or beachgame for curvy, busty peached bumed girls like this:
[Image: 86aaec8d11249b1c892b6a2973ab836a--sexies...-girls.jpg]

[Image: kathyzworld-33.jpg]

where the girls will be in the cities and not doing exams. as I think girls do exams in june time?

appreciate any recommendations guys Wink
girls like that seem more budapest ish(for me the best bodies in europe are in Romania). Biggest and best asses seem to be a bit more south. For June, you have to realize that all the college girls go south to beach areas or back to their hometowns. Summer is all about coastal cities imo.
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I would say the Black Sea in Romania or the Dalmatian coast.

I really dig the Romanians because of light skin and dark features.

Croatian chicks are usually fun and DTF.

I avoid western europe like the plague anymore

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