Health Insurance For Those Living Abroad
h/t to a PM from WhiteKnightRises.

I'm a US citizen, so standard US health insurance doesn't cover me abroad.

I had WorldNomads, but I never filed a claim with them.

I actually switched to IMG Global, based on CleanSlate's RvF thread, and because it's cheaper.

I haven't filed a claim with them either though.

Health services are much cheaper abroad, so I only need catastrophic insurance.

What are your experiences?
I've had to go to hospitals a couple times through the years. One huge difference is that basically US prices are ridiculous, but in many of these countries its not the case. Just paying out of pocket I have saved thousands of dollars. If i had to do this in USA it would be unrealistic, but in the countries that are good for women, things are just 10x cheaper.

Wouldn't recommend anybody not get insurance (in case you need serious surgery at some point), but it's what I've done.
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Yea I had used WorldNomads in the past but never actually ended up filing a claim with them thankfully

Was wondering if anyone ever actually had to use travel insurance abroad and if so, what their experiences were
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knocking on wood when typing this but any type of insurance is kind of a bad investment (why else would they be in business), and as 20 said in the rest of the world you dont pay the ridic prices u do in the US
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Health insurance or not, if you have a catastrophic accident, you're probably going bankrupt either way. In the USA, health costs for extreme accidents/illnesses (cancer) can quickly rise to a million or more. If your net worth is low.. you don't really have anything that needs protecting anyways.
For you guys travelling long periods of time
do you go to regular checks, not critical stuff abroad ?

Like going to dentist, blood tests, skin, eyes, clinical or some random pain ?

In argentina I used to have a great insurance so could just go any doctor for free. but never used it abroad.
^ I've actually never used any health services in my 2+ years in Gdansk.
if it aint broke dont fix it

though dental cleanings are so cheap you might as well do those

but going to get a random blood test for no reason? probably not wise
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allways check stds 2 times a year... going raw is difficult to cure
If you want a full comprehensive check, the best place is Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok. For like $500, they check EVERYTHING and treat you like gold. You will also have access to Thai nurses, which is a sub-genre worth investigating.

If you're living in a country, check out what local private insurances are available.  In many countries (such as Hong Kong, Scandinavia) you can access their universal health care as a tourist.

As far as long traveling tours, I'm not sure what kind of quality travel insurances are out there.
give me $500 and ill tell you to start eating more vegetables and exercise more.... thats all they are likely to tell you anyways.... ok ill drop my price to $50
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