in cebu.. where are the girls lol
I decided to check out cebu after listening to this podcast... am i missing something or what because im seeing almost no attractive girls anywhere

dont get me wrong i can enjoy the place without it, but i'm scratching my head haha

Armies and armies of 18 year old sixes and every once in a while 7's. Whats nice is that you can basically have any girl you see thanks to your value and that they speak english. This is what the philippines is about.
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Go to the Mall.

Go to a University.

If you can't find atleast a handful of attractive girls then you are in the wrong region.

Also, Cupid and Tinder also has some attractive girls.

Overall quality in Phi is poor, so you have to wade through the waters to find the gems.
Late 2017

Daytime -
Shopping at Ayala / SM Seaside
Having lunch around IT park
Lounging at the resorts in Mactan

Night time -
Oqtagon club (replaced J-Ave)
LIV club
Sentral (hiphop bar)
Maya (Wednesday salsa night, upper class crowd)
Craft Cafebar (Banilad town center)

Date Spots -
Ayala terraces
IT park - Shaka
Busay / Tops
La Vie

Online -
High quantity / Low quality. If your game is just online, perhaps avoid Cebu entirely.

In 2017, the Filipinas in Cebu are used to seeing a lot of foreigners roaming around (average or handsome). If you want an above average girl, you need more going on than just being foreign. It's also a small city and the social circles are tight. If you can make friends with solid filipino guys in the right circles, you'll have a lot of options, as they typically roll with loads of girls. But if you're just passing through for a week or two, need to taper any expectations for high quality. The prettiest girls I met in Cebu were through mutual friends, at "events", during my daily routine, or on my way in/out of airport. Nearly every high quality girl I met/know was dating a wealthy local.
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^^ I still think a decent to good looking guy can snag a 7 on a short trip. For sure young 6's.
(11-04-2017, 02:43 PM)Dash Wrote: ^^ I still think a decent to good looking guy can snag a 7 on a short trip. For sure young 6's.

100% Agree!
thanks guys.

fyi i dont really care for dating sites beyond tinder.

i'm looking for a thailand 2.0, a place where i can camp out without losing my mind
Not using Cupid in the Philippines removes a massive pool of females from your options. We are talking 5,000+ girls.

Could not even imagine coming to Philippines and not using it. Unless you are some day game slayer.

Cebu has everything a person could want to do and more as far as a normal life.

Tons of females
Go on Cupid and do a filtered search by best features. Do one for girls who mark "butt" and another for girls who mark "chest".  This will winnow you down immediately who girls who are DTF--also will help you find some nice asses and racks.

Cebu is not the place for faces. It is the place for tiny, tight bodies, outgoing personalities, and easy, drippy pussies.   I would usually pound an extra red horse or two while pregaming to get past the face and onto the bod. Would also choose more dimly lit clubs with dancing, where I could feel the body and ignore the face.  There are certainly simian facial features coursing through the Cebuano (and Negros) bloodlines. However, once you bang a few of these wild little hotties, you may actually come to appreciate that monkey look. After a few dozen of them you will be ready to go to Korea where they all have angel faces.

In terms of where to find them?  Just walk around with your name and number on pieces of paper and start handing them out to every bangable girl. Street, malls, markets--fucking anywhere.  If you hand out 20, I guarantee 10 messages. Of these, at least 5 will meet you that day or next.

You said Thailand 2.0 but I assume you mean Bangkok.  There is no such thing, Bangkok is the greatest city on earth.
exactly what we need, more guys in cebu using the note method
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when you guys say cupid are you refering to okcupid? cupid what?

i've been here a few days, its great but the internet is a challenge and the quality of girls seems a bit weak.

went out all night friday & sat, a bunch of places, just a bunch of normal slightly above average girls, nothing against it but i'd rather just play Quake Champions on my PC all night!

thailand has spoiled me, i miss massive tits lol
not okcupid.

not even sure any asians know what okcupid is.

talking about the filipinocupid. the same cupid sites for all the hot spots of the world.

Thaicupid, ColombianCupid, IndonesianCupid, VietnamCupid, etc etc.

You do not go to Philippines for quality. You go for ease and quantity. Average girls are going to be unattractive.

Still using Tinder, Cupid, daygame and nightgame there are tons of 7s to be had. Infinite amount of 6's.

My pinay lays destroy my Thailand lays in terms of looks. Granted, all my Thai trips are quite short.
ya we all have different tastes, do not find thai girls too be that attractive at all and certainly wouldnt agree they have bigger tits unless you mean fakes

nowhere in Southeast Asia really has a lot of hot girls though, except for maybe Vietnam but they are much harder to bag, this whole area of the world is more about quantity than quality, and if you find thai girls really hot then that is a good thing and you should spend as much time there as possible
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you guys use these sites? i always thought they were a scam/dead.


thanks again.
if you want to use a paid site cupid media ones (like dash mentioned) are always a good option

if you want to save some money you can just spend some time on dateinasia, okcupid, pinalove etc..... but your time will be used much more efficiently on filipino cupid
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