Having a wing is underrated...
(02-18-2021, 01:36 AM)SC87 Wrote: A lot of guys out there will throw another gun under the bus if they get they slightest scent of pussy, especially if you barely know them there is no loyalty there.

You can really judge a guy by how he acts as soon as women come around, it’s easy for someone to seem ok but then add a chick in the mix and they really show their true colours.

I always say that if you want to see the true colors of a man put him around very beautiful women and give him alcohol.

I've also experienced similar stuff from some of my so called "friends" when I was younger. Unfortunately some guys don't know any other kind of game to elevate themselves in front of the girls so they start to throw other guys under the bus to make themselves look better, for some guys this is GAME.

I think guys need to learn about game now more than ever, unfortunately these kind of forums are becoming less and less popular.
(02-18-2021, 02:05 AM)Lampwick Wrote: I worked with this French dude, and we would have beers and game after work.  He had this game where we would give each other a random word (something neutral like "constellation"), and you had to approach and could only use that one word.

We also thought it was boring when the topic of work came up with girls, so another game was to intro each other, but make up a random career for the other person.  The only rule was it had to be something positive.  The idea was playfully lying, rather than boasting.

He was a great wing, and it was a fun way to mix things up.  He was also a natural, but he understood game (always build your wing up, for example).

Haha I love that. You seem like a great wing. It's indeed a way to create a fun and memorable evening, even if you don't end up with one of the girls at the end of the night. Playing these types of game also gives me less approach anxiety, since I take it a lot less serious.

I remember doing something similar in my native country, me and my friend would just play exchange students all evening in our home country. He would choose what country I am from, and I would choose his country. We were like ''ok, you're from Croatia, I am from Portugal'', and just play that persona all evening.
Chicks do it too. My buddy and I were hitting on two young college age girls who were being quite flirtatious back. They said they were French exchange students. When I started speaking with them in French, they had no idea what I was saying and knew they were busted. And don’t get me started on how many girls I have slept with who pretended they were single!
Bit late to things here but having a wing is only ever underrated by people on the internet I think. Going out solo can have good results, and its definitely more time efficient, and it can be required if you're in a foreign city, but I don't think anyone could argue that its not less fun. Theres a reason a "guys night out" is the default around the world, and not a solo night out - its just more fun.

Going out with a mate or mates just makes the entire night out into an occasion. You get to have early night fun/catching-up with friends, some drunken adventures, and can score as well. Whereas if you go out solo the entire night just becomes about scoring. Which is fine every once and a while, but for me anyway would just become a bit depressing if I was doing it every weekend. I'd far rather spend half my Saturday night out hanging out with my mates and half the night hooking up with a girl than just the entire night with the girl.

Also great to see Contrarian Expat being called/found out. Theres nothing wrong with being a bit odd/inexperienced of a poster. And theres nothing too wrong with being a bit arrogant if you're posting from good personal experience. But his multi-paragraph, aggressively argumentative, posts about things he knows absolutely nothing are terrible - a retirement age, asexual, P4P advocate who tries to lecture other people about game... Its a pretty spectacular combination of arrogance and incompetence that just derails threads.

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