How have your options increased with self improvement?
This is something interesting I've noticed after a year of hard self improvement (heavy powerlifting/bodybuilding, months of no fap on and off, better friends, meditation, mentors, etc) -- my options with women are way better. 

I flaked on two girls last week, one of whom was a solid 8, to bang another 8 who excited me more. I'm now thinking of dropping that 8 cause she's low key crazy and I need to focus on my shit again. I have two girls on Hinge who I also basically flaked on. One is a 6 but the other is a 7/10 Indian girl, I ghosted cause she just fundamentally didn't do it for me. 

All of this is off of one month on Hinge (the lowest volume dating app) during peak coronavirus in a California suburb that sucks ass for game. 

I was never in this situation last year or before when I was skinny as fuck (160 lbs, 6'2), less confident, and just looked worse. It's pretty crazy to see how legit self improvement actually translates to success with women. Like it's something we all academically know, but it's a crazy thing to experience. I'm not even close to my goal physique/life level, I'm stoked to see what I could do in an actual city without COVID while being in top 3% fitness. 

So I'm opening it up to hearing success stories, love hearing about men improving themselves and reaping the benefits from it.
Everyone will improve their options with self improvement.

The question is, will they know how to access, use and capitalize on said options.

Hinge profile of the 8? Curious what this Hinge 8 looked like

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