Stop - full stop. Notch count....
As a former Roosh forum member - as someone who slayed many a woman in many of foreign country - Stop counting anything less than a six or seven as a “notch”. In my book, that is equivalent to masturbation, something I would neither celebrate nor remember. When you raise the bar, you raise your standards.
Rather than raising the bar, I suspect that OP may have spent some time today raising a glass, at the bar.
That's flawed because the type of guy who counts or cares about notches will also rate a 6 as an 8 if she fucks him or a 4 if she turns him down.
Is it? I've slayed some women less than that. While they didn't have the best looks, they sure had a good pussy and skills. They compensate....
A 4 is just a speed bump on the road to her sisters, mom, cousins, friends, and coworkers! And ugly chicks need loving to!
I be nutting in these bitches!

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