Hot girls who look terrible in pictures
I had a thing with this black girl over the summer. Fantastic sexual chemistry, in person she was pretty hot, nice girl who I got along with. Things ended cause I just got too busy and we were both catching feelings, so didn't want to get bogged down or waste her time either. 

What trips me out about this girl is that her pictures look absolutely awful, like she's a good 5-6 points worse in pictures than she is in person. She had terrible Tinder pics, but I had a weird feeling that she looked better in person and ended up FaceTiming her. Sure enough she basically looked like a different person. 

I brought this up with her a couple times and she got low key offended so I dropped it lol. I took some model shots of her myself which were way better. 

Has anyone else encountered this? It's super bizarre in an age where women are in an arms race to look as good as possible online.
Not sure that exists OP. 

Good looking people look good in pictures. There might be just a random pic that looks terrible, but generally speaking, you will be able to see they are attractive in their photos. 

Facial symmetry, bone structure, body features, skin completion, teeth and smile all show in photos and are largely why people are photogenic.
I have seen examples of girls who appear prettier in real life, but 5-6 points seems like a stretch. Talking purely about her face here.

What I have seen more often (though still not often) is where a girl has a way hotter body than her pictures suggest. In most cases this is because the girl dresses relatively modestly or is not interested in showing a lot of skin in pictures (these girls do still exist). My favorites are girls with secret epic boobs.

And don't bring these things up to the girls man, that's a recipe for disaster. No girl wants to hear she's not looking good, even if its in a picture. Just enjoy the goods while its your turn, and let her continue to stay under the radar from other guys with her bad pics.
I have run in to a few who had crappy pictures. Not all women are crazy about taking selfies. I think they purposely make small, blurry, or just not very descriptive pics due to being shy etc. But many people take pics like that to conceal ugliness. So we expect ugly, then we see them they are actually okay and they just took a shitty pic without trying to conceal ugliness and now we are happy we took a chance lol.
I be nutting in these bitches!
There are no chicks that look 5-6 points better in person, even the chicks that make stupid faces in pictures you can still tell they are hot.
After meeting 100+ girls from online dating i have only been pleasantly surprised by 1 being hotter than her dating profile pictures suggested. Compared to the opposite more times than i can count

It was only because she had a nice fat ass and was insecure and didn't show it off because she used to be overweight.

Women in general know and understand innately exactly what they're working with.
I had a few times the pleasant surprise that the girl looked better in reality than in her pictures. It's definitely an exception though and the difference was maybe 1 point, not more. More common is definitely the other way around. What annoys me is the rising usage of filters. In Asia, some girls use heavy filters on every single profile picture - completely impossible to assess the talent and just nuts when every picture has some dog filter etc.
Wait till you get to Africa, you don't even know their skincolour anymore based on the pics. You think you are meeting Beyonce and end up with a girl black as the scarecrow.
I think it's much more common in the third world. You see plenty of girls who have cheap phones and/or don't know how to take decent pics. In the US you'd always have to worry about a girl being 100# overweight. In Colombia specifically you might have a girl with bad skin that drops her 1-2 points. You never get girls who go from a 7 to a 2 but it's very possible and more common for a girl to be 1-2 points better in person.

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