How often do you get laid with college girls now? (men in late 20s, early 30s)
(12-22-2020, 01:30 AM)Girbaud Wrote: It is like once I turned 30 my college age bangs completely dried up. How are my fellow late 20s - early 30s guys doing with this age group? (18-22)

I did well with girls aged 18-22 before the pandemic. I was living right in the centre of the student area of one of the most popular student cities in the UK, so almost every time I went shopping there were opportunities to open.
(01-21-2021, 06:11 AM)Crisp Wrote: Thanks Man, will put up one or two a week, flashback Friday type vibe I'll go for.

Do you think you need to get/buy followers, or is it better starting off with the 100 odd friends/contacts that I'd follow and expect a follow back?

Also, in terms of photos what's the thoughts on Solo/with Girl/Group/view & place? Like what ratio here? Anything to avoid?

I would personally start with old friends and contacts, you can always automate for more followers down the road. As we've commented a few times, the number of followers doesn't really matter as much nowadays.

In terms of photos, it's up to you. I think its great to have a mix - some solo, some with friends, some with girls, some landscape shots, etc. Only big things to avoid would be constant landscape shots (not personal) or constant photos with the same girl (makes it look weird as hell if you're trying to add girls to the account).

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