How to game in high energy places
Unfortunately not a datasheet, more the idea of sharing experiences of how to get better in game in party hotspots and high energy places. 

I'm talking about places where nightlife is dominant, where weather is mostly great, where you see a lot of beautiful bitches and also a lot of hot guys, where girls on Tinder are in Bikinis (or without, lol), where it seems like there is an unlimited amount of hot girls who would literally fuck every other guy they see on their way.

Unfortunately for me and I guess lots of people have similar problems, I was never one of those guys in these places. Quite contrary, as a more low energy type of person with average looks, I got rejections and entitlement treatment as hard as it can get. I had to rely on the 5's and ocassional 6's on Tinder that are also low energy and avoid the party scene.

What is your experiences? Have you found a way to be successful with night, day or online game to flip the coin into your favour and enjoy those places as a player? What is your mindset and advice?

I think this might be the ultimate game challenge, as those are the elite girls in terms of hard to get. Of course you can fuck nicer and also hot women in other parts of the world more easily and it is also satisfying. But I can see it as a very rewarding feeling, sleeping with extremely hot and easy girls in mostly warmer places in this world competing with the hottest guys around, once you reach the level.
You have to actually enjoy these environments to do well in them. If you're only going to party/nightlife environments for women then I think people can subconsciously pick up on that and it's doesn't work that well for you. A good deal of it is actually having a personality that is synonymous with being the life of the party and bringing something unique to it: epic music, connections, looks/muscles, high energy with confidence, etc. The more of these you combine the better. 

I have girls tell me I'm an extroverted and confident guy, but I'm not a big fan of nightclubs and gaming at parties. Just gotta work with your style. Not worth forcing yourself to do something you don't like.

I'll tell the homie @Mikestar to chime in. He's good at nightgame and loves it.
I completely agree with RPB. It takes a lot of time and experience to get good at nightgame, I’ve been going to nightclubs often since 18 in various countries and my nightgame still isn’t the best it could be. It helps if you enjoy the music and the vibe of the venue, otherwise girls can sense you’re not in your element.

You have to learn to dance to the rythm without looking like a dancing monkey but still displaying good dancing skills, best to be aloof and confident, it sounds pretentious but you have to have a “cara de mamon” as they say in Mexico, don’t smile too much in the club, you gotta treat it as your kingdom and you’re hot shit. It’s a superficial environment anyway so take advantage.

You need to operate based off IOI’s and if you look and act right you should get girls circling you then that’s when you approach. My fav types of clubs are ones which play reggaeton because it makes the girls most sexual, which is what you want for pulling.
(12-03-2020, 10:59 PM)Mikestar Wrote: You need to operate based off IOI’s and if you look and act right you should get girls circling you then that’s when you approach. My fav types of clubs are ones which play reggaeton because it makes the girls most sexual, which is what you want for pulling.

Actually Reggaeton is by far my fav music, haha!

Anyways, I wasn't necessarily talking about the night game. We all know its necessary to be high energy for night game in the normal case. I am actually more curious, if people have found another way of succeeding in those places.
Nightgame is my forte. Always found high energy to be overrated. Most high energy guys in bars/clubs are drunk, dance like goofs, talk super loud and splutter in your face when they talk. If you're drunk in a night venue, you are probably compensating for something and girls know that. Not sexy.

Dancing skills are a plus but IMO overrated too. You don't need Michael Jackson dancing skills to do well, as long as you display comfortable/confident body language (don't be Mr Bean lol). If you suck at dancing and aren't coordinated, practise at home and just move a bit with the music. Try to match the girl's energy but if it's too high, don't kill yourself. 

Dance with the girls who are dancing, talk to the girls who aren't dancing. Simple logic.

The most challenging part for guys isn't energy level or dancing skills, it's being social and efficient in that type of setting. You have very limited time to create a connection with the girl as well as her friends. NG is 30-40% about her friends one way or another (who she's with and how supporting they will be). 

Of course logistics are key as well. 

Looks wise try to be the best version of yourself. Your looks will hook the girl, being social will keep her around and your game will close the deal. 

TLDR: You can do well NG being sober, medium energy and decent looking... without spending a dime.

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