Avoiding snapchat, any strategies or "lines" you can share?
Like a lot of other folks I've been on the dating apps these days, and of course I understand that a good portion of these young women aren't actually available to pursue a meet up or taking the dating apps seriously.  I know I should focus on those leads that are solid, and not worry about letting a few of these "maybe" (likely just attention whoring) girls slip through the cracks.

But I've had a ton of conversations go pretty well, (although more often than not low investment), 3-10 messages perhaps... joke/relate/etc, ask for phone # as part of a larger comment/conversation, and instead the girls give me their snap. I don't have one and don't plan to get one.

The best response I've come up with so far is "I'm too old for snapchat" which occasionally yields a phone #, but more frequently whatever I say will lead into a "logical" discussion which kills any attraction, going nowhere. I realize in their minds snapchat is just normal texting, what these women are familiar with, and they also might occasionally have legitimate reasons to not give a phone # like boyfriend or parents looking through their phone.....I know phone is on it's way out - but I'm not (at least not yet) ready to go down that route of snapchat or even instagram (unless there really is no alternative) because that's just where these girls want to funnel all their male orbiters and followers, only one step below onlyfans. (Although I've got a basic Instagram and have been slowly working on improving it- would really rather not go that direction either). Whatsapp is not very big in my current usa location, but I know that's a decent alternative, and fb (minimal/no current use there myself) has worked ok for me in the past.

I'm mid/late 30's and yes this is mostly (but not solely) women under 23-25. This post is probably not as relevant for the younger players who have their instagram /snapchat /etc fully dialed in, because I understand that snapchat can be a viable option, but any input on how you personally avoid snapchat and set yourself apart from that endless stream of other guys/followers/orbiters would be very much appreciated.
Same issue with IG/FBM.

I tell the girls I do not have them and ask for their sms app number (whatsapp, viber, zalo, line, wechat etc).

Sometimes she give out the number, sometimes they don't.

If it's a girl I really like, I might make an exception and use something other than the above.


If a girl has snap chat she for sure has IG and FB.
I usually answer them that I'm out of their orbiter league and take them seriously only on WhatsApp.
Always go for the whatsapp/viber or whatever else is popular where you are, there will likely be one messaging platform that is popular. If a girl refuses to give you her number but is happy to add you on ig/snapchat then she is not really interested in you. If you have a very good social media profile you can generate interest by adding them there but if not then you're just wasting your time.

I do add some girls on ig if they don't use WhatsApp but I already accept that the lead is dead when I do and usually they just end up being another 'follower' of mine. Its just a bonus if anything comes from girls I add on social media. If they actually tell me they don't wanna give me their number but I can add them on ig then I just unmatch them.

 The key as always is to have that abundance mindset so you don't really care either way as you know you've got other options.
The following "work" in the sense that you get the number of a timewaster. You're basically able to prolong a useless lead.

"You're asking to Snapchat... a doctor...?"

Even if you're not a doctor.

"I just have an onlyfans"

Even if they don't know what that is, you just talk about being a model and then restart again.
My friend says "I rarely use snapchat and don't want to snapzone you" and it works well for him. Basically saying if we snapchat lll likely friendzone you or forget about you, its an interesting way to frame it and it works for him, I plan on doing it foing forward. I hate snap chat, its the most retarded social media invention ever and these chicks literally just snap chat a dozen guys at once and it goes no where 90% of the time once you are snap chatting them.
"Better to chat on WhatsApp. Whats ur number?" 
"Dont use it that often. What's ur number?" 

To be real though, when a girl says this 98% they are just attention whores, want a free follower and won't meet with you. Go for other girls who cooperate and aren't on this BS.

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