How to Reward/Punish Good/Bad Behaviour?
(12-02-2020, 12:24 AM)WombRaider Wrote: I think @jetset is right, but the whole approach sounds exhausting. Like emotional warfare.

There is all this guerilla psychology involved in successfully maintaining a long-term relationship, and for what? Why not go to a country where you can live on easy mode and hook up with dozens per year?

You're not wrong. It is exhausting, and the reason my ex-g/f is an ex. Yet it's also the reason she's still cooking me dinner and dropping by to get railed out all year, especially with the pandemic underway. She's much easier to deal with with no relationship security at all, which sucks but she chose her own adventure and had every opportunity to change course if she didn't want me parking my dick anywhere else.

You have to take the measure with each woman. Some women learn and scale it back when their own bullshit leaves them crying. Others can't stop playing bumper cars with your boundaries and aren't worth the trouble. It might just be a sign that she's not getting enough attention or mundane drama, but it is ultimately a game, hence the term. The thing is, they're all going to try to test it sometimes. If she just needs more drama than you want to provide or the very particular kind of drama that clicks for her is not entertaining for you, you're just not a good match, and that's OK.

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