Coffeeshop Barista Game
Fellow Swoopers... 

In this thread, I'm going to share with you my personal strategy when it comes to gaming coffee shop baristas (Starbucks, Peets, local hipster/indie cafe, etc..). 

1. Go in during a slow/boring time: (This is definitely the most important step as if you go in during a really busy time, you won't have much time to properly chat up with her. From my experience, the hours from 8-12 PM are usually the busiest while 1-3 PM is usually slow so I highly recommend going somewhere around that time.) 

2. Introduce yourself and ask her how her day is going: (Usually, they will ask how yours is going, so answer honestly.)

3. Ask her what she likes to do for fun when she’s not working: (When she’s done telling you, tell her what you like to do for fun.  Bonus points if one of hers is on your list too.)

4. Say, we should go do X (something from your list, preferably one in common with hers) together sometime.

5. She is more likely to agree to a vague “sometimes” suggestion like the one you just made because there’s no specific commitment in it.  She’ll probably say something polite and noncommittal like, “that could be fun.”

6. Once you have the vague noncommittal agreement, it’s time to make her put her money where her mouth is (IT’S A TRAP!). Pull out your phone and pull up your add contact page.  Say, “let me get your number and I’ll hit you up when I have time.”

7. SHUT UP and look her in the eyes: There may be a moment of silence or she may stutter a bit, but you just wait and see if she gives it to you or not.  If she does, great, put your phone away, tell her you’ll let her know, and walk away. If she says no, say, “that’s okay, It was nice talking to you.” put your phone away, and walk away.

One more thing, you don't have to do the above all in one day. It's actually more effective to build some rapport so definitely focus on the first 2 steps the first couple of times you see her. Once you feel like the two of you have a decent connection, move on to steps 3-7. 

Good luck out there gentleman!! 

- BB
Yup, thanks to a buddy who visited me, I also agree that shop staff are fair play, if done correctly.

Best is when they're working alone and bored.
If you haven't met anyone, I'll assume you're lying (h/t to Teedub from the old forum)
My response to the old "why you losers trash the West?"
There is no hurry. You can literally take weeks. So be cool and friendly sometimes and preoccupied and busy others. Depending on what you are doing and who you are with you can position yourself as a high value guy who is charming sometimes and aloof others.

She can't be sure.

If she asks if you want a receipt, ask her if her phone number will be on it. If she says no, say, "Good, than I want it."

Don't ever let her know you are there just to see her. Keep her guessing and you keep her engaged.

It is so much easier if you have all the time in the world.

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