Just spent a few days in Turku with my girlfriend, so here's some surface level observations:

1) Having also been to Stockholm and the Copenhagen/Malmo/Lund area, Finnish girls sometimes doll themselves up more than their Swedish and Danish counterparts. Not as many as in Poland, never mind Ukraine, but notable.

2) As is generally true elsewhere, Scandinavian girls genetically have better faces than their Slavic cousins - smaller noses and more oblong faces. More blondes too. Central European girls have more curves though.

3) There may be more exotic value for non-Nordic looking guys in Turku than in Stockholm or the Copenhagen metro area, but not as much as in Poland.

4) Costs seem in line with Malmo - so less than Copenhagen or Stockholm, but obviously higher than Poland.

5) If I were coming here on a bang trip, I'd try to stay as close to the Kauppatori (Market Square) as possible. Most of your venues seem to be around that area.

6) The guys seem to compete at the Copenhagen metro area level - so decently, but not as well-dressed as their Stockholm counterparts.

Overall, I'd say Turku is worth checking out if you can get here cheaply (ie via WizzAir or Onnibus).
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I was actually very interested in Turku. I stayed for over a month in Helsinki and loved it. I tinder scouted Turku and it seemed possibly better. I have always wanted to check it out. The worst parts for me about Helsinki was the weather and that it was expensive. but I imagine Turku would be cheaper. Also all the things you said seemed to basically be the same experience I had in Helsinki. I am always tempted to go back to finland. +1 Just because I really love that country and curious about that city.

Sometimes i go through times when all I want are blondes, This is the perfect country for this. I slept with a new girl every other day in Finland, only place in Europe I ever did anything like that. (For me I find Europe the hardest to sleep with a lot of women, but it doesnt make it any worse) Anymore info on Turku is appreciated. Thinking thats the city I will check out next time i'm in Finland.
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