Bringing a girl to 'Quilla
I'm spending a few weeks in Barranquilla, terminating in Carnaval, and I'm wondering if it makes sense to have a girl come visit me for part of the time. 

The point of my trip is just women, nothing more. 

Me: I'm white, 28, I speak spanish, and have never been to colombia. I do fantastically here in the US (in a city that is routinely lambasted online as having ugly girls all men etc)... if I'm free for a full weekend, four new girls is not uncommon. %100 online game. Most women are absolutely floored by my pictures, which of course depict me in a much more attractive light than I actually am in real life. I also have a high tolerance level for the massive time suck that is playing out thousands of iterations of the same boring conversation, knowing that only a small percentage of said conversations lead anywhere. tldr: I put in my time pipelining. 

The girl: Hot, white, tall, slutty, 26, horny all the time, bisexual, fun, non jealous, loves partying, upper class, dresses nicely. She has lots of travel and language experience but no spanish at all. Her preference for girls is 18 year olds. She's new to me, and I don't know her super well, because she lives across the country from me, and we've only spent one weekend at her place, and one weekend at mine total. Obviously I'm super into her, and this is in no way a precursor to a relationship. 

My tentative plan: have her fly in to stay with me in quilla a couple of days before carnaval, through the end of carnaval. My hope is that I will have generated at least one hot bisexual chick, but ideally multiple, to hang with us and have threesomes while she's here. I would love to take both girls to a beach hotel for a day or two of all day lounging and banging in the days leading up to carnaval, and just have fun and party during carnaval. This seems like more of a pipe dream but I would also love to seduce some girl as a couple while out partying at carnaval.

What are the odds I lock into at least one young hot bisexual chick in a couple weeks of quilla plus a couple weeks of pipelining, who's down to cozy up to a couple?? 

I have total confidence in banging random girls... but my experience in the third world is that these girls will often let you fuck them quite easily, but they often have little sexual experience and doing something like what I'm suggesting would be out of the question. 

Am I insane for wanting to bring sand to the beach? 

Really want to see her and think this would be super fun (we likely won't see each other till then).  But I'm worried I'll just be dragging this girl around a hot urban shit hole where she can't communicate with anyone, effectively cockblocking myself for a week. Even more of a nightmare would be finding my star bisexual colombiana and having my american girl reject her on looks... I don't really know how stringent her standards are... We've had one threesome with her friend who is hot but I have no idea what fraction of girls her standards will eliminate (my threesome standards are looow). 

I'm posting this because I'm totally torn. I would really appreciate hearing from someone who has some experience there. 
If she really is non jealous and bisexual then I would say go for it. I am actually in contact with some girls with quilla who say they will do a threesome when I get back haha so you will probably be able to find a girl or two. I might actually be there around the same time. Send me a message when you go.

I don't think its like bringing sand to the beach if shes really not jealous. But you may want to escape for a bit because there will be hot girls who are interested in you who won't be interested in a threesome, at least until they are more comfortable or more into you.

In my experience, white girls (at least the ones I dated in europe) thought the girls I dated in colombia were really attractive. White girls seem to like hot latina girls so I doubt you would have a problem.

The safest thing to do is obviously not bring her. YOu will get laid and well for sure. But on the other hand, sex comes easy in this world, but unique experiences like threesomes(and maybe four?) are harder to come by. I would go for it. She'll be fine there as long as you speak spanish and now how to handle yourself in countries like that.
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I think it's not an easy task, going to Barranquilla and find a threesome, since most girls are not into it.

I think a threesome is something that will present itself to you if you game a lot, but very rarely . You have to seize the opportunity when it presents itself.

I'd rather go solo to Colombia to maximize your fun. Like you say, you will be cockblocking yourself. Or is the girl aware of your plan and also into it??

BTW B'quilla is not the best city for gaming, better try BOG-CAL-MED
I say do it, fuck it, how long is she staying?
Cristoff and 20:

My proposed gameplan is to invite her to stay for the last 1 week (carnaval) of a 3 week trip for me. This will give me 2 weeks solo to go on my own private rampage, take care of the hot ones who won't do threesomes, and ideally groom threesome prospects for when she gets there. 

20: ill send you a message when the trip comes around. 


I wasn't clear. She and I specifically talked about doing a trip for the sole purpose of churning through random chicks in threesomes. If we strike out or only end up with meh girls/experiences, she'll be disappointed. 

Also destination is set.

Also what are girls availabilities like during the carnaval period?

Better because nobody has work or school? More or less business as usual? Worse because people get busy and focused on all the events they are attending?
it's a good plan. You will get the best of both words.

Well during carnaval the girls online will be harder because there is more competion. But you have access to girls from all over the city by going to the carnaval events and doing day game so i think its even better during the day.
There are many girls who live in parts of the city who you would never even see, but during carnaval you get to see everybody. If you have no problem day gaming, then you will have a blast. Internet will still be decent by the way, just not as good as when you dont have 1000 other foreigners on there. Just pipeline ahead of time.
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