The Cupid Sites Thread
I got 3 lays off MexicanCupid in one month back in CDMX but have been working a bit on ColombianCupid here in Colombia. Haven't used it too consistently but I notice the girls are less responsive and more flaky/wishy washy than girls on Tinder. I've gotten about 10 numbers off cupid, and have only been able to set 2 dates from it, all the rest left my on read the second I asked them out. This was after suggesting drinks on cupid before getting the number. 

This is my go to game that works well on Tinder, where I'm fucking anywhere from 7-15 girls a month depending on the city(a few of those girls are daygame and the once in a rare while from nightgame)

Conclusion- I think being honest with my age (early/mid 20s) has fucked me on these sites as the women are more old school and provider oriented here. Also, I think being longer with your messages and playing a bit of provider game(here for my business, living long term, hoping to meet a cool girl along the way, more comfort/stability, etc) is what is necessary to succeed on cupid sites.
I think too long messages don't serve well either in Cupid sites. Rather keep it few rows and simple because these women are usually mentally illiterate and can't focus on complicating messages and forget anyway what you've written. But definitely longer than hi do you have WhatsApp let's go for drinks.

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