Lima - Nightlife
Hi guys

Soon I am ging to Lima in Peru.

I just have one friday to go out, so I don't want to make the wrong choices.

Which club(s) can you recommend?

important: quantity & quality of girls

And how was your overall experience with peru?
Damn nice.

Don't think anyone here has any recent experience with Peru.

I usually hit up google, rooshv and ask girls I match with on Tinder where the hot spots are.
There is a club in Barranco called Sargento Pimiento (Sargeant Pepper's from the Beatles).

This is hands down the best club for foreigners in Lima. The best feature is that it is mostly rock music (sometimes live) with little Latin music. For non-dancing guys, it is rough in a Latin club playing Latin music. I always felt like a loser because I couldn't ask a girl to dance. (Guys, there is nothing worse than trying to Salsa when you don't know the moves/steps--there is nothing funny or cute about it).

My buddies and I pulled an abundance of talent from here in our two years living in Lima. It helps if you know some phrases in Spanish. Not many foreign dudes here to get in your way. Girls expect to be approached and invite it. However, they don't make first eye contact like they do in Brazil so you just have to go blindly for it.

When you going?  I will be in Lima in December and look forward to hitting some of my old haunts.

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