Training muay thai or other martial arts/combat sports
So on the thread "How did you meet your hottest girl" over at the game forum, user iamjacktew and I started a discussion on training muay thai that was clearly off-topic so I created a new thread here. My bigger focus is muay thai because that's the one I trained the most in and competed in, but since it's a small forum we can also talk about other martial arts and combat sports too.

Who else on here trains or is just a general enthusiast of this beautiful, hard and manly as fukk sport?

A bit of background: I started training in 2005 when I was still in university. Back then I was only 20 and hadn't really traveled, so when summer came I had a bit of money saved and was interested in going to Thailand. Some of the trainers at the gym had been there so I asked them about it and they said I could go train there and they could recommend me gyms. I initially thought training there would be only for serious pro-level fighters but turns out there's an abundance of gyms that accept foreigners of any level, even total beginners. Of course, some are tourist traps, some are real good, some are a mix of the two. 

I went to Chiang Mai for a month, trained quite intensely, but halfway through I got injured, I got punched in the eye and it got infected. Major conjunctivitis, I had to go to the hospital but it wasn't too bad, they gave me eye drops and antibiotics. Thing is I couldn't train anymore, as it was contagious and they didn't want the whole gym to get pink-eye. So I spent the next two weeks partying and for the past five days was shacked up with a cute lil' thing I met in a club. 

Though I didn't train that much, that trip ignited my passion for travel, which is still strong 11 years, 80+ countries, and 9 years of full-time expat life later. I kept training on and off (mostly off) knowing I'd be back.

Then in 2009 I went back to the same gym and trained for 3 months, having two fights at the end. I went 1-1, first win was against a chump (they usually undermatch you for your first fight) whom I disposed of pretty easily with a big knee to his midsection and second one I lost after getting battered by a big fat 40-year-old policeman in front of thousands of drunk rednecks at some outdoor festival organized by the police department of some rural county. I walked with a limp for a week afterwards and couldn't climb stairs without pulling myself with the ramp. 

Money was running out so I got a teaching job in another city, where I didn't train until the end of my stay there. I talked about it in the other thread (copied below)

And after that I kept training on and off, also dabbing in boxing and capoeira. Now I live in China and occasionally I go to a big gym to spar a bit with some of the Chinese guys (some of whom fight pro) and an irregular core group of fellow foreigners. It's a rather addictive sport.

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I used to live in Chiang Rai, great place, very small. I also trained and fought some muay thai fights but that was in Chiang Mai, unfortunately I didn't fight in C-Rai as well. I trained for some time in a big modern Japanese-owned gym until the scumfuck tiny-dick owner barred me (because I'm not a Jap) and then one of the trainers there hooked me up with some other gyms but they were ghetto as fuck and way out in the sticks. I was motivated though, but left Thailand soon after Sad feel like I have some unfinished business in muay thai, but I'm getting older now (I'm 32), let's see if I could go on another run... I'd love to go to Thailand for 3-6 months at some point and have a few more fights.

I'm usually in phuket every June for at least a month.Its easy to find a fight in phuket due to the multiple stadiums,let me know if you're keen to join me. [END QUOTE]

I've heard bad things about the Phuket fight scene though. Apparently there are a lot of crappy fights pitting an untrained (or barely trained) white meathead against a tuk-tuk driver, to entertain the drunk Australian backpacker douchebags. I'm sure it's possible to find legit fights though, depending on which gym you go to.

Regardless Phuket have been on my radar and if I were to go to Thailand I'd probably go there. I heard good things about either Sinbi or Suwit, they both start with a S so I always mix them up haha. Maybe they're both good. Tiger seems too big. When I went to visit I went to see a guy I used to train with in Canada, he was at Promtep and while it seemed decent, there were lots of absolute beginners so I'd look for something more suitable for people who train seriously with the intent of fighting. Rawai gave me the same impression.

I'd like to do something like 2-3 months in Phuket, and 2-3 months in the sticks, in the north or Issan, and have 2-3-4 fights during that span, depending on how they go. As I said I never was that good and am getting older (longer recovery time and shit) but fuck do I like the sport! I went sparring today for the first time in two months, we went a bit hard so I'm banged up but it was good fun!
I did 4 years of kickbox & boxing and 3 years BJJ, and tasted a bit of MMA and kung fu

Started with kickbox because of hate, at the age of 21. A friend stole my girlfriend, and I tried to beat him up, but he was stronger than me. I realized I needed to get some fighting skills, and also needed something to canalize my angryness in a healthy way.

Later I discoverd BJJ by seeing the first UFC's, and found out there was a very good club close to where I lived. I saw so much advanteges in BJJ and found the sport superior,  but later on I discoverd to have more fun in kickbox.

Trained in Brazil, Italy, Tunisa, Spain, Mexico and some other countries.

Never did competition with kickbox because I didn't want to break my nose and get my head fucked up. Did competition with BJJ though.

Competition in MMA seems a bit too nasty for me but love watching it :-)
If u want a martial art that works then look into san soo. It is about pure destruction. I have been using the scars system since I was 20 and that flat out works period. I have 10 years in the prison system working at minumum medium max and superman and it has never failed me. I also worked for 2 years at an adult club and used it more times than I care to remember. It has everything. Hand to hand weapon disarmament multi fight and even anti hijacking. It is fluid and effective. They just came out with a monthly membership for less than 30 bucks. Here
Pretty irrelevant to my lifestyle and interests. I grew up in the middle class and live in peaceful communities, so for me the only reasons I take part in combat sports is for fun, fitness, camaraderie and blowing up some steam. I have zero interest in krav maga and the other "gouge the eyes out of your enemy" or "if you have to fight five armed guys at the same time" disciplines.
Yeah for me Krav Maga is the only thing I know, I want to study more. But its because I could care less about fighting, mostly, with all the dangerous places I travel, I just want to be able to survive if things go bad. Life is too good to die young.
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