Online Game: Taiwan VS Bolivia
Travel Experience : Taiwan VS Bolivia

3 years ago, I started dating a lot of girls during a 6 months stay in Taiwan. After a one month-sex-free-break in France, I switched to Bolivia for 4 months. The differences in my dating life between the two countries were huge and quite interesting, so here is my little report.

Taiwan :
I went in TW (Taipei) to spend time with my gf at the time. She was working during the evenings so boredom and date apps lead me to cheating habits. In 3 months I stamped as many girls as during my past 6 years (which was only like 5-6), none of them minding fucking a taken foreigner. I then broke up with the gf and enjoyed 3 more months of total freedom, which I spent banging more girls and keeping a healthy pool of 4-5 regular fuckfriends.

Bolivia :
I arrived single and stayed free during my 4 months in the country (Cochabamba, the 3rd biggest city). While I notched about the same number than in Taiwan (about 15), I never really reached the feeling of pussy paradise that I had there.
Lets start the comparisons.

Online game and language :
TW : I used only Skout at the time, that was I think the most used in TW. I dont speak mandarin so i was texting the girls in English. I had a very low response rate, about 1 for 10.
Bolivia : Badoo was the most common, and I was learning spanish so could text the girls in their language. Much better response rate, about 4-5 out of 10.

Date :
TW : When girls were ok to meet me, they would never flake nor arrive late. I spent my 6 months in TW without a simcard. Once id leave my hostel to meet the girls in the city, I had no way to contact them. Thanks to their reliability, their were always there and never badly late.
Bol : Hell. There is no such thing as being on time there, you can count on a 20-30min delay minimum. And flake rate was sickening. I had weekends with 3 or 4 flakes in a row. And that doesnt even always mean the girl is not interested.

Also, Taiwanese girls will very often offer to split bills or even pay for you. Bolivians always expect you to fund everything.

Bang rate :
TW : 100% success, if the girl was willing to meet, the notch was assured, either on first date either later.
Bol : About 50% success. Access to pussies was way trickier.

TW: I banged 4s to 7s. Hard to find girls with real nice round booties.
Bol: 4s to 8s. Clearly not the hottest girls of SA but still got some nice latin curves.

TW: Good and often submissives. Keen to suck, often fine to be recorded.
Bol: Not that submissives, many are not keen to suck. Usually sextape is a big no-no.

Fuckfriend material :
TW: Good, most of the girls were happy to be a regular, even knowing that I was seeing other girls.
Bol: Hard to find, many girls wud fuck off once they knew they wont become your gf.

Personalities :
A bit of a richer bond with my good bolivian friends than with my good Taiwanese friends.
Bolivians were probably bit funnier and talkative.

Overall, I had great experiences in both countries, but Bolivia has been very frustrating on some aspects. Especially coming with sort-of taiwanese standards.
I wish Id knew the blog's anti-flakes advises at the time. When I'll be back in SA I'll definetly have no shame to plan backup dates and to flake on the extra targets.
Nice little data sheet I'll give you a +1 rep for it. You are getting me really excited to go to Taiwan. Just another week or so! I need a change from all these filipina girls
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Interesting insights, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to Taiwan now.
Thanks guys, keen to read your TW adventures soon!
Amazing to see two such different places compared.

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