Western Europe
I am trying to make a general thread about Western Europe as it is typically not the kind of place that people here are traveling to but it is still a very good place to travel to and getting laid in beach destinations, especially is not very difficult. 
As for geographical limits, I guess we can put in this thread:

-The UK
-the Netherlands

[Image: irish-girl.png][Image: 177970d1276744620-italian-women-italian_woman_08.jpg][Image: lovely-french-girl-outside.jpg][Image: Girl-with-Spanish-flag.jpg]

[Image: chica-holandesa3.jpeg][Image: 942fd63f0f7a1757b748f9491985fefd.jpg]

+possibly the Nordic countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland (but there is already a dedicated thread).

I am going to travel in the south of France for the next few days as my new passport take a lot longer to prepare and I was stupid enough to not do it in China. I am going to a wedding near the Spanish border and do some stops on the way. I will let you inform of what I find along the way.

And of course, feel free to ask and share.
I guess Spain or the Skandinavian countries are the best

Spain especiallly in the "Costas"
For me:

For girls in summers, Spain is the best as you have the highest concentration of girls coming to have fun. And many of them will come for Netherlands, UK or Germany.

For easy lays, all year long and as long as you are not looking for qualities, northern England and Wales cannot be beaten.

For holiday destinations, France and Italy are on top.

But that's very debatable.
(07-18-2017, 07:34 PM)TigerT Wrote: For easy lays, all year long and as long as you are not looking for qualities, northern England and Wales cannot be beaten.

[Image: media.thedailytouch.com-clint-eastwood-d...HANCED.gif]
(07-19-2017, 12:38 AM)Suits Wrote:
(07-18-2017, 07:34 PM)TigerT Wrote: For easy lays, all year long and as long as you are not looking for qualities, northern England and Wales cannot be beaten.

[Image: media.thedailytouch.com-clint-eastwood-d...HANCED.gif]

Walking in Cardiff's streets on evenings that was my reaction as well.
I would be interested in doing Spain in the Summer some time. Anybody know what the best cities would be Barcelona I imagine?
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Barcelona is good all year long. I would say to go during the year actually as you might have more international students than in summer. Same for Valencia I would think.

In summer, many places on the Mediterranean coast are good for parties, there is plenty of tourists to fill up your account of European flags. Can try a city like Malaga (on the Costa del sol) in summer as there are many tourists and you've got many interesting visits to do around
(07-21-2017, 04:01 PM)20Nation Wrote: I would be interested in doing Spain in the Summer some time. Anybody know what the best cities would be Barcelona I imagine?

I stayed in Spain for nearly a year and visited 12 cities there. Although I didn't try gaming Spanish girls so I can't say how easy they are (they have a reputation for being difficult though), in terms of quality + abundance Madrid and Barcelona are the two most obvious options. Lots of nightlife and tourists too. In terms of quality I found the girls in Andalusia (Granada, Cordoba, Seville) to be the hottest, walking around there in Semana Santa it was like most of the girls could have been models. Seville is a cool city to visit regardless but I found the girls there to be especially attractive.
I've only been to Granada in Andalusia but it's interesting to see the Moorish/Muslim influence there. In terms of girls, you will see girls with darker features like hair and those intense, piercing middle Eastern type eyes, which I find really hot.

Barcelona is just an overall amazing city

I love Espana
Theft and pickpocketing is a plague in Barcelona, it's one of the worst cities on the planet in this regard. Just a friendly advice, be no less than obsessively paranoid about your belongings.
I'm in western Europe now, no shortage of attractive chicks everywhere. I'm traveling with a girlfriend though, so no partaking...
(07-26-2017, 07:20 PM)shalabadoo Wrote: I'm in western Europe now, no shortage of attractive chicks everywhere. I'm traveling with a girlfriend though, so no partaking...

Taking a chinese girlfriend to Paris is a nightmare. My ex came with me to Paris once when I had a big conference for several days. She spent one day visiting the main sites (including the Louvre in 2hours...) and five days shopping... And ended up spending around 10 000euros for herself and others in shopping (thanks god, it wasn't my money)

I will be back on Friday night/ Saturday morning, and I will share some stories and my observations about south France.

[Image: Sans_titre.png]

Yeah, yeah, there is a city called Condom
So I am back after a week where I was on the road. Like I wrote earlier, I was going to a wedding near Auch in Southwestern France and stopped several times on the way and especially on the way back to my mom's house (a little bit south of Lyon):
My schedule was:

-Clermont-Ferrand-Puy de dôme (1night)
-Rodez-Aveyron (1night)
-Near Auch-Gers (3nights)
-Narbonne-plage-Aude (2nights)
-Aigues-Mortes + Camargue (2nights)

I will start with Clermont-Ferrand. It was pretty uneventful. I arrived in early evening and left in the morning. I went to eat, look around, see some decent looking girls (average seems good for France but I have the feeling that it lacks some stunners, just a personal opinion after a lone evening). The city has some big universities so there is probably another population during the rest of the year. Last time I was in Clermont, about 10years ago, I was with friends and we found plenty of bars and pubs.
For visiting, there is enough to do for a day or two, more if you take your time.
The city is built near sleeping volcanoes (no worry about eruptions as they are asleep for at least 6000 years) so you will find many building made with black stones. Among them, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption of Clermont-Ferrand is probably the best known.

[Image: Cathedrale_vue_de_montjuzet_detail.jpg]

I will strongly advise having a walk around the old city, especially for non-European who are probably not familiar with those kinds of very narrow streets.

[Image: IMG_6823Redim.jpg]

South of the old town, you have la Place de Jaude (Square of Jaude) with a shopping center, shops, bars, it is probably where you should stay or at least within walking distance.
[Image: 1458-B-009-net-e1386863320591.jpg]

On the west side of the city, you have the two things for what the city is most probably known today: Michelin's factory, with a museum to visit: “l'aventure Michelin”
[Image: Aventure-Michelin.jpg]

And you will also find the Rugby stadium. Clermont's team is one of the best in Europe and won the French league for the 16-17 season. 

[Image: 1027876-000_p96r4.jpg?modified_at=1496673897&width=960]

Overall, I would stay Clermont Ferrand is a nice place to stay. Come during the year and you will have lot of students, come in summer and you will have good weather. No point in organizing your whole trip for this city but it can make a nice stop over if you are traveling from east to west or north to south. Being surrounded by volcanoes, there is also a lot of nice hikes to do around
[Image: puy-de-dome-max.jpg]
 and I really like the food from there.

Next post will be about Rodez and Aveyron where my family is originally from.
My Chinese gf isn't some uppity little rich bitch. She likes to walk a lot, eat cheap things, take in the vibe of a place, hang out with different people and also do wild shit (taking drugs, having sex outdoors). She's a real good travel partner and that scares me somewhat.
@Shalabadoo: As long as that little rich bitch pays for her stuff and don't expect me to pay for everything, I never had a problem with that.

Quick post for presenting Aveyron. I could write pages and pages about it but I am gonna try to keep it short and simple.

Aveyron is bigger than most French Départements but it keeps a reasonable size. You have a lot of cultural visits and food to try. I saw plenty of British, German, Dutch and Belgium cars on the road, so the country gets a pretty decent number of foreign tourists (but don't expect too much English spoken).

For the visit:

Viaduc de Millau:
[Image: ViaducdeMillau.jpg]

Roquefort caves (the Roquefort is a kind of Blue cheese made from sheep milk which might be considered as a chemical weapon in some countries)

[Image: caves_roquefort_societe.jpg]

Rodez, the Département's capital:

[Image: cathedrale-notre-dame.jpg]

Le Larzac- La Couvertoirade:
[Image: 034_2632913.jpg]

About Rodez:
Logistic: Simple, the old city, the nice part, is on a top of a hill with the church as the highest


Probably Tinder has some user but I didn't use it there.

Day and night game seems good. There was a festival that night and it was great but being with my grand-father didn't help. Made some eyes contact, got nice smiles back, at most as I could do that night. Girls seem to be pretty receptive in general and actually not bad looking at all(far from it). There is also a surprizing high number of young people for a city of this size.

Same thing than Clermont-Ferrand, not worth to make the whole trip about it but if you pass by, you should have a good time.
So Friday to Monday was my cousin's wedding time, I did the trip with my grandfather from Rodez to the place where the wedding was held (in the countryside beside Auch) and pick up my sister and my father at Toulouse airport.
The first evening is dinner with my familly.
Saturday was the day of the wedding. I noticed this nice girl, blonde, tall, a bit too skinny, cousin of the bride at the city hall and spend the next 5 hours talking and teasing her. It wasn't too difficult, she was obviously attracted and receptive to the teasing. Stories about Asia worked like wonder on a girl that has never been out of France except for one weekend in Barcelona and one student exchange in the UK. Ended up kissing on the grass on the evening, some light petting for her and blue balls for me. I will put it first on the bad logistic and the fact that her whole family (and mine for that matter) was around
Sunday, brunch with all the guests, I got her WhatsApp.
So pretty uneventful and frustrating. The ceremony was nice, at a nice place.

Left on Monday morning and went to the beach and made the mistake to take my frustration out on the first (bad) occasion, but that will be either from my stop over in Dubai or my first post in China
Got problem writing this last part. Nothing really positive to say but I don't want to criticize too much a place where I have spent only two night
I started with two nights near the city of Narbonne. Let's be honest, it wasn't good. The beach is pretty uninteresting and the tourists are of the noisy kind, guys being either the skinny jeans type with a lot of hair gel (or an oversized cap) or overweight. Girls were on the same level, loud little bitchy looking teenager, swearing at every sentence and, the biggest problem if I have to be honest, underage. Of course, I am generalizing and I am sure there is a lot of nice people going there but they are not the ones who stand out there.

After those uneventful two nights, I headed up to Camargue, a region located between Provence and the sea at the place of the Rhone Delta. 
[Image: PERIM_DELTA_MAB.jpg]

There is a lot of things to do and it can fit any situation:

-Wildlife watching
-Romantic trip

One of the main things is horse riding in the rice field and along the beach:

[Image: cheval-plage-camargue.jpg?itok=J4jJTDeo]

Bird watching, Camargue 
is well known for having one of the highest density of flamingos in Europe:

[Image: 11_flamingos-parc-regional-de-camargue-p...france.jpg]

I ended up doing a lot of bird watching while I was there and I was staying in a camping beside the city of Aigues-Mortes.

[Image: 800px-Les_remparts_d%27Aigues-Mortes.jpg]

"Party" every night but it's a little bit weird to game in my situation in this kind of place. A lot of teenager with their parents, some divorced/single mothers with their kids or old single women. There is, of course, women of more bangable age but they are with their boyfriend/husband. The first night I spend a lot of time with a group of British chicks. They were fun but not really good looking so I had a few beers with them, chat for a while but didn't try anything by lack of interests.
Maybe I should have.
The second night, I had too much alcohol at the bar after taking too much sun during the day and handed up hooking up with a 35-40years old divorcee  (I presume) who came with her son, probably not older than 8, who ended up going to sleep pretty early. Made me feel bad about it. The mother was not bad looking (not a stunner, but still a decent face) but had the body you will imagine of a 35+ who had a kid and doesn't really seems to take too much care about herself. Pretty big boobs actually, but fat and falling ones. Didn't have to make too much effort since she was DTF from the beginning and her body language showed that she wanted to get smashed, I was feeling that if it wasn't me, it would have been the guy sitting beside me at the bar.
Had some drink with her, dance on some weird music mix (I think the french music you hear on the radio is one of the worst you can find), took her to the public shower of after picking up my condoms and did her there. Pretty good actually, I have to admit. 
That's not the best kind of place or woman but after two months without anything(due to being in a kind of distance relationship that ended up going nowhere and then spending a lot of time with my family), you do what you can.

Anyway, I left very quickly the morning after, didn't want to see her and I had a difficult road back home waiting for me. A lot of traffic double the driving time that it usually takes to go back to my mother place. Something that shouldn't be underestimated is the number of car on the highway in France in summer, especially on weekends but on week days you've got a lot of truck.

That's the end of my summer trip, I am back in China for three days now. Don't think I will go back to Europe before at best next winter.
I was never a fan of France either. ive been with a couple French girls and that wasn't bad, but overall my experience in France wasn't amazing. Better places in Europe for things other than culture Imo.
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I know a couple playboys who went to south of France recently and loved every minute of it.
Where did you go?
To make it (very) simple, the French Mediterranean coast is for richer people as you go to Italy (Cannes, Monaco, Saint-Tropez to name a few places) to places for poorer people as you go to Spain.

@Christoff: Your friend probably had the novelty factor that I don't have being French. There is definitely some good places if you don't mind paying for them but paying a lot of money was not on my mind so I settle for cheaper places.

@20Nation: the classical touristic destination (Paris, Nice mainly) are overrated so I can perfectly understand why you were disappointed. The countryside is a lot better but people usually don't come back after staying in Paris for some time. Paris is a dirty city, literally infested by rats, with rude people with a very high opinion of themselves and there is some safety issue. Of course you have amazing stuff to see, but it's to a poin tnow where negatives outweight the positive.

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