Good Homebases for Frequent Travellers
I suspect that most guys who have got several years of travelling experience under their belt desire to have a place to call home, even if they continue to travel frequently.

Somewhere to return to where they can maintain some long term relationships and maybe even have a few girls on rotation, awaiting their return whenever they are elsewhere.

Obviously, such a place needs to be one where the visa situation allows for regular visits. Japan would be a bad choice, as immigration authorities are very open to your first visit, curious about your reasons for your second trip and will probably pull you out of the entry queue to interrogate you in a private room about the reason for your regular visits.

China is better suited for regular stays, as immigration officers rarely ask any questions, provided that you have a valid entry visa. I've lived here for years on various tourist visas. Better yet, if you are Canadian or American, you can currently get a 10 year visa with 60-90 day stays per entry. Not bad for someone who travels regularly anyway.

I've gotten reports from guys that Vietnam is pretty open to long term residency on tourist visas, as is Cambodia, but Thailand has started cracking down very seriously on that type of thing.

Malaysia and Indonesia seem good to go.

How many of you guys have established a "homeport," where did you choose and why?
Don't think anyone here has a homeport.

Most all are working abroad or traveling and stick to those destinations.
My "homeport" was technically Nanjing for the last three years but I was never spending more than a month there.

For the next few months, I will be living full time in a smaller city, still in Jiangsu province. I have been there many times already but I don't think I will ever call it a homeport.

China is my homeport
From what I can tell, it's Bangkok.
(07-17-2017, 01:07 PM)Exultate Wrote: From what I can tell, it's Bangkok.

The visa situation in Thailand has become very challenging for frequent visitors.
(07-17-2017, 02:03 PM)Suits Wrote:
(07-17-2017, 01:07 PM)Exultate Wrote: From what I can tell, it's Bangkok.

The visa situation in Thailand has become very challenging for frequent visitors.

Right. Also an uptick in expat deaths.  Dodgy

I think BKK is a little overrated myself, but for some reason people love it.
My homeport is Dominican Republic. It happened by accident (having a kid here), but I must say it's perfect for it. First of all, for me it's like my sexual paradise. Not the best country for serious relationships, but for sex... I don't think there is a better country for me. On top of that it has no winter and flights to Europe and many other places from Punta Cana are extremely cheap.
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Man how did I miss not going to DR when I was doing my LA tours back in 2009-2011.

As you guys likely know, I chose Gdansk, Poland.

1) Easy visa requirements ( )
2) Cute, curvy, and generally pleasant light brunette / dark blonde girls, who tend to speak decent English
3) Low prices for a developed country
4) Visa includes access to the rest of the Schengen Area, most of which is a short cheap direct flight away (generally $75 round-trip, ~2 hours each way)
5) Decently sized & connected city not swamped with tourists, sexpats, or other PUAs (this point is Gdansk-specific)
6) Not too hard to get around with just English

1) In the depth of winter it gets dark by around 16:00.
2) While food choices are good (Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, etc.), they're not bleeding-edge (bubble tea only became passe a year ago, to be replaced with Thai rolled ice cream)
3) Outside of Warsaw and Krakow, the expat communities are almost non-existant
4) Not much variety in the way of girls
5) Westernizing, for better and worse (better customer service, but less conservative values, for example)
6) Generally need at least intermediate Game to get anywhere with girls (the good times for Complaining Casanovas are over here)
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Many capitals and major cities in Central/ Eastern Europe would make a potentially good home base.

A city like Budapest will be good for its location: can travel to Austria, Serbia or Romania very easily by train, to Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech, western Ukraine or south Poland are still near the Hungarian capital and it has great flight connection to the rest of Europe with low-cost companies.
Good quality of life at a cheaper price than western Europe with access to many foreign food and cultural activities. English is enough in the capital.
Nice women even if they might appear a little cold at first. Need better game than in Asia but might be worth it.
Same problem that what 262 says about the sun disappearing in the middle of the afternoon and winter might be cold for somes.
French news loves to complain about Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Czech Rep. being awfully racist and nationalistic but it is not the case. Maybe it is for someone growing in Western Europe where thinking your country is great makes you a nazi but it is nothing compare to China and Japan is on a whole different level.

When I am done in China and couldn't find something as good in another Asian country, Central/ Eastern Europe might be my first choice.
I love Budapest. My second home, lived there for 5 years. At tihs point I have been living and travelling constantly for 12 years, so think my homebase should be where my remaining familiy is located. I mean I do actually want to spend some time With my ageing parents and Brother. I should think most long-term travellers would feel some similar sentiments.

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